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Online Dating: Finding The Love of Your Life. Part III

Updated on March 12, 2011

The Back & Forth Game…

Once you have your profile the way you want it, and you have some good pics posted, it’s time to start meeting people. How do you do that? My preference was by email. To me “winks” were lame, and I think most women pretty much would agree with that. Find someone that you like and write them an email, and let them know that you like them.

Unlike at a bar or a social setting, if you approach someone to dance and they turn you down, that can be a major hit to the ego; especially if it’s in front of your friends and contemporaries. The big “R” (rejection) can stop you right in your tracks. But if someone rejects you online, you’re the only one that will know. What a concept!

That being the case, you can approach as many people as you want and know body will know anything about the outcomes. That’s pretty powerful in my book. So ladies, don’t be shy. If you see a guy you like, let him know. You’re both there for the same reason, and you ain’t gettin any younger. Make the best use of your time and money.

The Art of the Email…

When it comes to email, you have a couple of options. Short and to the point, or a little more elaborate. As you might guess, mine were more on the intricate side of things. Like I said, I would read the profile from cover to cover and I would try and read between the lines to find that intrinsic quality (or qualities) that I could write about.

All my emails were laser targeted based on the profile. That being the case, they were almost all read (if not all), and responded too. I spent a considerable amount of time writing emails, but it paid off because I was communicating with numerous women.

Now I was a horrible student in school and a college drop out to boot, but I’ve picked up a few things about writing, grammar and English. I’m nowhere close to knowing it all, but I can write a pretty good letter/email. When writing an email, do your best to get the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and English right.

Go out and buy a software program that will correct all your mistakes if you have too. Which email will be more impressive…one that is filled with spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and the like or one that is spelled correctly with proper grammar? A rhetorical question, but it’s amazing how many people write emails that look like they came from someone in grade school.

Time is of the essence again…

I’ve talked about this earlier, but it also relates to writing emails. Don’t beat around the bush. Get right down to business. I had the attitude that I wanted to know ASAP, whether Ms. Wright was gonna be Ms. Wright. I would throw the “kitchen sick” at them up front, and be gut wrenching honest about myself.

I wanted to tell them the good, the bad, and the ugly right up front. If they were okay with my sincere honesty about my shortcomings as well as my so called “good qualities” then maybe we could progress. I didn’t want to waste time beating around the bush only to find out later that she didn’t like the fact that I had more gas than an Exxon oil well. (-:

Look at it this way...If you misrepresent yourself upfront and then meet, it's only a matter of time until the truth comes out. When the truth comes out, then it's game over and you've wasted your time. Put all your cards on the table upfront, and find out as quickly as possible if you have someone worth pursuing.


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