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Online Dating from a Man's Perspective

Updated on May 6, 2014

Finally! A revealing look at a man's approach to online dating?

It may shock you to know exactly what a man thinks when he comes across your online dating profile.

Because men are visual creatures it is super important for women to use at least (3) impressive profile pictures.

These (3) profile pictures should be:

  1. Close up - Men want to see your face to get the essence of your beauty.
  2. Photo showing personality - It gives men an idea what type of person you are.
  3. Full body shot. - Men want to see your figure.

The profile picture is initially the most important aspect of the online dating process for men.

Just as first impressions are important when you meet someone new, the profile picture plays a vital role in creating a good impression of yourself. So choose wisely.

Without it 99% of the time men will not read a woman's profile description. So post those pictures ladies.

Before men get to your profile description he wants a good visual depiction of you to see if he's wants to move forward.

Does The Profile Description Matter?

Men are visual creatures so to post a few good pictures to attract our interest is mandatory.

Not to say a thoughtful description is not important, but we won't get to it without a few good profile photos.

Perhaps the idea of posting good profile pictures is somewhat superficial but it's just proper etiquette to say the least.

A simple head shot is good, but if you want to maximize your dating potential a full body shot does wonders to improve your chances.

I know there will be some backlash from women who say looks shouldn't matter and what should matter most are things like character, personality and integrity.

Character, personality and integrity are important traits, but men who see a profile picture icon instead of a real picture will instinctively draw negative conclusions.

Maybe it's vain but men want to see you, after all it is a dating website.

Once he checks out your profile picture and likes it, the next step is getting a feel for your personality and character by checking out your profile description.

Contrary to popular belief men do read your profile description.

How A Man Reacts to the Message "I will tell you Later".

Don't put down "I will tell you later", unless you are super attractive.

Me want to know so he can decide whether to pursue you further.

Regardless, "I will tell you later" is a little arrogant.

Take the time to complete a good profile description because it will increase your chances of finding the right person or the right person finding you.

Which Dating Site should I Join?

Online Dating is fast becoming the ideal way to meet new people.

In the last few years there is a huge increase in the number of people who have turned to it as a dating option.

Dating Websites are very popular because it brings a large groups of people together who share a common interest.

See the dating website Christians prefer in order to find and date someone with similar beliefs,

No matter your preference, the fact is, dating websites are free to join and you can browse free as well.

To get full access, which means sending & receiving unlimited messages, seeing who is flirting with you, who like your photo, etc, there is a minimal fee involved.


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