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Online Dating is Better Than Meeting Guys at Bars

Updated on January 13, 2014

Some people go online to find someone. Others go to bars. While you have to worry about meeting someone online it could actually be better than meeting someone at a bar and here is why.

When you meet someone at a bar usually it is for a hookup. Most guys are drunk and looking weather or not they could score. It is all about the game. Some will even ask for a girls number without the intention of ever calling her.

When you meet someone online you could determine weather or not they are good for you. On their profile you could see what they are like. There are questions on everyone's profile and when you view someone's profile you could see weather or not they are the one for you. If you like what you see than message them. If not then you could move onto the next person.

People online are also looking for love rather than at a bar. While love happens anywhere you may actually have a better chance of finding a relationship online than at a bar.


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    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 4 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      I agree that online dating is much better than the bar scene. I haven't been in that scene for a while but when I was a doozy. LOL...