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How to Add Really Impressive Information on Your Online Dating Profile

Updated on January 21, 2012

Online Dating Introduction

The Internet seems to me a huge network, there is something for everyone. In this sea of information, you can get anything you want - furniture, videos, products, and even - to find your half! The main thing is to understand what you exactly want.
Usually, people find what they are looking for. Therefore, it is nice to start to figure out who are looking for and to simplify your search, it is ok to make a list: what are the fundamentally important qualities that you are appreciate in a person, or what are the qualities you simply can not accept.

Profile on online dating website

Try to write a brief but very useful information on your profile. Hobbies, interests, priorities in life, etc. Also pay attention to your profile photo. It should be one of high quality, large enough, be sure you choose a new and close to the original. Do not put the photo, where you are on top of a mountain in the dark glasses. Also, let us mention again, it saves your time and energy if you point out from the very beginning the character traits and habits of the possible new friends, which are unacceptable for you. For example, some women write on their online dating profile: "married and alcohol addict please do not disturb”.

Online Dating Expectations

I am looking for You...
I am looking for You...

Online Dating Meeting

If you decide to write to somebody you liked on a online dating website, try to point out the main things you liked in his/her profile.
Giving your home phone number to just anyone is not worth it. In order to talk with potential partners, you can buy another mobile phone, and use it only for such calls. It's cheaper than to change the number of home and mobile phones, in case you will not have the pleasure to keep in touch with that person.
In my opinion, before the meeting with the person you liked from an online dating website, it would be nice to talk on the phone. Let me point the reasons: firstly, to hear the voice of the new friend, and secondly, to evaluate the vocabulary and his/her communication skills. Sometimes people can write everything perfectly but when it comes to communication you might get disappointed by their “pleasant” vocabulary.

Meeting in real is a very delicate subject. It is important for us to decide - where to meet, what to wear, what to talk about, etc.
A great place to meet can be a cafe, restaurant, nightclub, etc. You even can try to meet in a museum. There you can see an exhibition of paintings and if you get tired there are some soft of benches around, besides on the ground floor - a cozy cafe.
It is risky to go to the dating to an unfamiliar company, or to a foreign country. It is not necessary that there will happen something, but you need to ensure you security, so the better - in crowded places, where you will be able to return home when you wish. A good idea is to tell someone from the family or friends, where and with whom you plan to meet and leave a phone number of that person, just in case.
Dress accordingly the place where you go. Clothes should be not only beautiful but also comfortable for you in order to feel confident.

Studies have shown that you create an impression of the person you see for the first time, in the first 15 seconds. As they say "we never get a second chance to make a first impression."Friendliness, calmness and a smile - this is what you need to establish contact and trust. “
At the first meeting is not worth talking about your previous relationships, of your own diseases, a detailed discussion of problems at work, engaging in religious disputes. It is recommended to listen, to ask support questions. Use the rule - Find a topic that interested him/her. In this case the person will open himself/herself and the conversation will be sincere.
If your new friend tells you about his previous relationships, problems with his superiors at work, etc. chances that he/she is interested by you are little.

At this stage it is important to find out whether you like the person with whom you communicate and whether you want to continue. If you do not like the person, it is better not to lie, and call him / her, and tell without delay.

The Internet has become part of the culture of modern society, and in it, like a drop of water reflects the society itself. There is both good and bad. A lot of interesting, intelligent, decent, but single people can not find a mate because of total attachment to work. And often online dating sites for them are the only way. However, there is lot of people with profound intrapersonal issues here too.

Despite the widespread belief that the online dating is an easier way to meet and communicate with a person but in my opinion it is a hard work and it needs a lot of time. Letters, conversations, meetings - all this requires a certain commitment. Many people who are dating online wait, they can not stay on one person - what if tomorrow will bring someone better, more beautiful and smarter?

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    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      A.A.Zavala thank you for your comment and good luck in your online dating adventure!

    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for the tips. I'm heading back to the online dating world. I will definately use these tips. Good hub!


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