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Online Romance!

Updated on April 15, 2014

"Her Wires are Hot, but is She?"

"Her Wires are Hot, but is She?"

Online Romance:

Caution: Read this only if you have experienced the following reactions.

Have you ever laughed, or smiled at your monitor screen turning to see if anyone thinks you’re crazy or not?

Have you expressed yourself more freely then face to face, overcoming shyness?

Have you become attracted to someone without judging him or her on appearance or social status?

Have you developed a friendship and look forward to logging on each day to speak with your friend?

Have you listened to someone and felt compassion and shed a tear?

Have you traveled to lands you may never see by communicating online, learning customs, and speaking to people you never would know any other way?

If you have not, you might not understand this article, but we urge you to read on.

Not too long ago one would frown about finding romance online. Romance in the past was found in a casual setting, ones professional work place, and sometimes, personal ads. Not long ago even personal ads were not the accepted way of finding one’s love.

Then came chat channels, personal journals, places to write daily blogs, and agencies that take information from you to match you to another person's characteristics, a new way to meet people all over the world, or network with similar business people. It still remains a mystery why many are choosing to publish their personal journals online for all to read. Perhaps it is a safe way to share one’s life and spare one’s self from interacting face to face with someone.

The internet with its many different forums can connect you to your personal interests in your location, no matter where it may be. Logging into a forum that interests you, there is a choice of Food, Family, Ages, or any topic you share with people all over the world. Stepping into a chat room you find a host who can make you feel at ease and the atmosphere is relaxed. What better way to meet your love? You’re not putting on a too tight skirt, or wrestling with a choking tie, you can sit in your comfy pajamas, and communicate without those nagging shy weights we have during a real date. It’s definitely a comfort zone.

Society bases our judgments on many things, appearance, wealth, occupation, fashion and our peers. The internet has crashed those gates down, making a roadway to making friends with the inner person.

BUT... there always is a BUT in life isn’t there?

The person you meet online might not be the person you think they are. A picture tells a thousand words, but there are slight mannerisms you will not see until face to face. That might account for the percentage of people that think they make a love connection until coming face to face with the person. It seems the new way, and the percentages are climbing towards a positive number, yet there is always the reminder to take the BUT into consideration.

Does the relationship last or is it real? Well, ask some of the married couples out there that have met this way.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams

Culture can influence Personalities!

Culture has a lot to do with what makes a personality.

You may meet people from other countries online but remember that they have been brought up in another culture, which means they have a different ways of speaking, eating and living.

If you're adaptable this shouldn't be a problem, but if something like not setting a fork down while cutting your meat or speaking of fries being potato chips or even how men treat women think twice.

Most differences can be adapted to quickly, but there are some people who just can't see through another' s eyes or behavior.


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA


      Thanks for reading, but always think positive and be careful. Again thanks for your comment.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 5 years ago

      .....makes one think and I am not sure myself about some of my contacts and after reading this - I am really in (self) doubt - thank you for writing this expose of facts, conjecture and debate

      lake erie time ontario canada 12:26pm

    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Yes I agree, this was an example of what's happening, but I can't say I am trying it. There is the hazard of not knowing the full story.

      Your comment made me wonder if the dating sites do background checks, very interesting.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida

      B.A. Williams,

      I know meeting on the internet and online dating services are the two new social networks for young and old to meet. There is one issue I find with this--dating services do not do background checks. It is still dangerous out there, and by now you are thinking she must be 100 years old.

      Life is short, so be careful in your search, ask any agencies if they do background checks on the ones who register with them. Protect your self.

      I don't mean to rain on your sunny day, but just be careful.