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Online finding love?

Updated on August 4, 2016

I know a lot of singles out there guys or gals can relate to it. I have been single for 5 years. And I have thinking which way of dating that I can try dating offline or online? Nowadays, looking for a date is so hard to do. So I ask help from my friends, relatives and co-worker if they know someone who is also looking for a date or meet-up to have a quick chat in a coffee shop. I have some random dates from nice guys in my country, but I think it’s time for me to get out from my comfort zone and try Online Dating.


Have you tried Online Dating? Since we are living in a 21st century everything has change. A great example is on how we communicate with other people. On the previous years, we use the snail mailing to send our messages to our love ones living with us or in other countries. Now with the advance in the technology, we are now using the Internet. Since then I usually use the Internet to communicate to any people around the world. And, one instance where it comes to my mind why not tries logging online on a dating site. The process was so easy you need to have your email address and provide your desired password and then you can browse now to that website. In order to get a lot of attention from other potential matches you need to setup your account. Like sating your name, age, built, and your preference to what type of person you’re looking for. After a couple of hours, I checked my inbox and I have a lot of messages from random guys from different countries. I replied to guys that I like and not to guys that I do not like. In order for me to filter those who are catfish or real, I usually ask them about if they have skype any platform of communication that I could see them. If they have proven to me that they are not catfish I continued on talking to them and I give them my other social media apps. (Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp or line app). Some of men that I had skyped with were nice and some are just pervert and want to have video chat with you because they are in the mood for "sexy chat". It means having sex cam to cam. I can filter some of those guys who only like doing nasty stuff online. I blocked them immediately because I am looking for nice and intelligent guys, not those perverts. But some guys that I have talked were nice and give me some advice with life and also about dealing with my heart- our free time. aches. It is fun talking with different nationalities American, Belgian, Scottish, Indian to name a few. It helps me gain my confidence to speak in English. Plus some of them teach me new words like French, Irish and Turkish language etc. and applied it to my friends whenever we got bored and chatting during our free time.

These were the guys that I’ve met and chatted online.

Guy No. 1 He was living here in The Philippines. He was 39 years old and a Filipino doctor. I first joined in a dating site out of my boredom and I wanted someone to talk. The following day he messages me. He was asking about if he can have my phone number. I do not give my number easily and I tried to talk to him first. Two months later, he asks me out on a date. I said yes. He arranges everything from our dinner and post dinner plan. He was so gentleman and smells good.

Guy No.2 He was living in USA. He was American Businessman. He was 36 years old. He was the first who contacted me via this dating site. We talked about anything what was his plan for next month. After one month of talking to him he wants to meet me in person because he will have his business trip here in the Philippines. I was shocked and at the same time scared of that idea. I told him if he was sure about seeing me and he said of course, but I declined it. I felt uneasy when he brought it up. I cleared to him that I felt it weird and I am not excited to see him. Well it takes time to get along with someone who I can trust. What if he is a bad guy and wants to raped or kidnapped me.

Lastly, Guy No.3 He was living The Netherlands and He was a Belgian. He was 31 years old. We talked about for 1 year and he was nice and good looking. He is working in a company as an Engineer. At first talking to him, I was very excited to see him via video call. Sometimes we are talking for about 2-4 hours per day. And it was a fun experience. I have wishful thinking that I could meet him one day and have a coffee.

As time passes by our video calling and texting has lessen. He said he was busy with his work and at the same time he was also traveling to different parts of Europe. I know from the fact that talking to someone online will come a time the fun will come to an end. This scenario makes me sad for a moment. But taking a break from online dating made me realize that it is not for me. It needs to have a team effort from both parties to work and continue communicating whatever they maybe.

So, dating online takes a lot of effort in order to be successful and meeting a potential love online. I prefer someone who is here with me who I touch and laugh out with. Someone I can talk to in a deeper level. I want someone who I can really know his real personality and attitude.

Will you try online dating?

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© 2016 Sky Mendoza


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