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Online Dating Tips for Women - Are You Willing to Relocate?

Updated on June 9, 2007
Who are you looking for, and where should he be?
Who are you looking for, and where should he be?

Finally! You’ve sorted you username and photos and are now ready to start filling in your profile basics so Mr. Right can hurry up and fall in love with you. Let’s begin with the multiple choice questions. We’ll go straight down the list, using’s format.

1. Relationship Status.

Being that you’re going to be looking for Mr. Right, we’ll just assume you aren’t currently married to, or living with, Mr. Wrong. It’s worth noting a number of people lie about this – don’t you be one of them! That would be a whopper of no-no by anyone’s standards. Besides, unless you’re aiming for bigamy, I don’t see what good could possibly come from lying about it. I have personally encountered men who were married but sleeping on the couch, and tried to pass this off as being separated. Almost funny, if it weren’t so incredibly stupid and selfish. But, hey, I got off easy – think about what it must be like for his poor wife. *shudder*

2. Who are you looking for, and in what age range?

I see lots of folk (both men and women) listing age ranges in excess of forty years and, frankly, I’m not sure they gave it due consideration before settling on that number. For example, I’ve seen women aged 50 seeking men ranging from 20 years younger to 20 years older. As someone who’s been in a relatively extreme May-December romance (and I use that last word lightly) I just want to give you all a good shake and recommend you be sure that is what you want before you put it in your profile. You don’t want to have to turn away a good man after a few emails when you suddenly realize you can’t date someone the same age as your kids. That’s not really fair to him.

3. Where should we look?

This is an excellent way of letting people know whether or not you’re willing to relocate, so take advantage of it! If you don’t want to leave your neighborhood, make that clear. If you’re willing to move anywhere in the USA, you can say that, too. Heck, you can even say you’re looking for men in Japan if you want to. Think that sounds strange? Not at all. My own profile says I’m currently living where I’m living, but looking for men in the UK. Why? Because when men from the UK happen upon my profile, I want them to know I’d consider relocating – and that I’d consider relocating to their country. Something like that can make a big difference in giving a man a little nudge in your direction.

Alright, now we've covered a little bit about him - see my next article for a little bit about you.

xx Isabella


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    • profile image

      Muhammad Hanif 

      6 years ago

      I like you.

      I am 65 year man , I am doing business export metal ore.

      I am interested long terms friendship and marriage

      Pls send us fresh photo for my seen.


      Muhammad Hanif

      Mobile: 03214537315



    • movearoundus profile image


      8 years ago from Miami, FL

      Relationship is very hard to maintain over web. A long relationship between a man and women not seeing each other is tough to judge, particularly the understanding becomes very difficult. One thing is very interesting, if you have your sweet-heart in different state, it's also an amazing opportunity to go abroad.........

    • BOONAMACK profile image


      9 years ago

      I must say it is very hard to have a long distance Relationship.I have been talking to a man in Russia for over a year now,We have not met yet,we will in August.We send videos to each other and email very much.When i think about meeting him it frightens me some.I am going to stay 1 month and if it works i will come back to the states and arrange everything Then return to Moscow.You never know anyone till you live with them,I thought 1 month should give me a Idea of what he is like.I hope so.


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