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Only Child in the Family - Why it Sucks

Updated on January 17, 2015

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No one likes to be lonely. Though being alone at home doesn't mean you'll be lonely, but most of the time, you'll feel that way. Trust me. As late marriages are becoming more common nowadays, people give birth to their child at a later age too. This translate to a larger age gap between the parent and their child. Imagine when you are old and your child wants you to play soccer with him or her, you probably don't have the stamina to last though half time. Surely, you don't want to see the disappointed face of your child right? As the only child in my family, I often crave for more fun time with my peers since there is no one to play toys with me when I was younger. It really really sucks especially you have multiplayer board game like Monopoly but got no one to play with.


Poor Growth

While it may not sound as serious as the quote shown above, it is true that only child tend to be dependent on their parents. For only child, their parents are their closest companions. Having to dote on their child a lot, they would usually do things for them. From doing housework to choosing what clothes they wear, the child need not worry any of these as his loving parents would it for him. As he grows up, he would still rely on his parents on doing the menial tasks for him. As hard as one may believe, some youngsters don't even know how to sweep the floor. Hence, it is no surprise to see that some 'only child' face difficulties in being independent. When I was younger, my greatest wish was to have someone to play with, someone of the same level who can understand me better.

Can you imagine the financial burden of his aged parents on the only child?
Can you imagine the financial burden of his aged parents on the only child? | Source

Financial Burden on the Only Child

1 child, 2 parents. One person supporting two people. Many people forgot this simple math. As the only child, you have the carry the full responsibility of supporting your parents in the future. If they need money, the only person they will find is you. Even if your parents may be living off government pension funds, they may need to borrow some money from you once in a blue moon. Not forgetting that you may have your own family to feed, the financial burden on the only child to support his parents is huge. In this present age, rising cost of living is reality. How you manage your bills is the question. I sometimes wonder if I am really capable of making enough money for my parents to enjoy their retirement. Tough life.

What is Sharing? Low EQ?

What does 'sharing' means to a only child in the family? At home you get all the undivided love and attention you can have from your parents. If your family is rich, the child has nothing to worry during their teenage years. Almost certainly, you can't have everything to yourself in life and for the only child, you may not be used to share your precious items with your fellow peers in school like the iPad mini that your parents bought for you. However we all know that it is impossible for one to be in control of everything and sharing things with other people is part and parcel of peer interaction. Again, it is unhealthy to see your child having low EQ and having issues making friends in the outside world.

*EQ stands for emotional intelligence, your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them

© 2015 Wong Seng Wee


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