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Our Beautiful Mosaic

Updated on October 16, 2015

How can something as strong as the love we shared end without anything left in it's memory? Something as strong as that may never be duplicated, and can't ever be taken from us. To this day your love is the most beautiful thing I have ever known life to be. Like a fine piece of art the 12 years I spent loving you brought me happiness beyond anything I ever thought life could offer. Our lifetime of memories, the plans and dreams to grow old together were all I have really ever known as a man. Although the love we had and dreams we shared are now broken into 1000 pieces, I am convinced there is beauty in that.

Before I met you life did not offer much beauty to me and this love saved my life in a million ways. I have known more pain in my lifetime than most, and the way you looked at me made a cold darkened soul, warm and full of light. I cannot be bitter over the way we ended or the time we shared together. I refuse to let a rough ending tarnish the beauty of our love for so many years. I spent 12 years with you side by side, and I spent more time with you than any other human on this planet. You gave me the greatest gift life can offer, love. You showed me what true love is, made me feel like I have never felt before. I will dream of you and our memories for the rest of my life.

I refuse to let the love we shared go to waste so I decided to build something of character and beauty. I will build a beautiful Mosaic. Built from the 1000 shattered pieces of our broken dreams, love, and memories together. One day at a time, one broken piece at a time, until I am living a life of happiness worthy of the love we shared. With the broken pieces of our past I will build a beautiful friendship with you, and new life full of happiness.

The love that built our dreams will now be a beautiful new life, although different, it will be as beautiful, or more than we were once upon a time. My love for you opened my heart and made me the man I am today, thank you for the 12 years I got to spend with you as my best friend and lover. I will use the memory of us as the cornerstone to my future, and I would be honored if you do the same.


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