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Updated on October 9, 2009
(c)-credits to J. Snyder
(c)-credits to J. Snyder




Put on a record
fast or slow
it's cold outside
no place to go.

Let's Jitterbug
down Ol' Monk Lane
along the tracks
of some Coltrane.

You be my
Holiday tonight
I'll be your Goodman...
treat you right.

Let's heat it up
let's cut a rug
leap to my Armstrong
share a hug.

As saxaphones
wail cool and clear
your husky voice
croons in my ear.

Now I'll be your Duke
and you'll be my Duchess
shufflin' Miles with Davis
no one can touch us.

I'll Count the ways
you make me crazy,
as we go swinging
to some Basie.

Then Charlie Parker 
he'll transform
Jazz into Kansas City storms.

If you're not Dizzy
let's not stop
let's try Gillespie's
hot Be-Bop.

Snow's piling up
but we don't care
cause jazz it heats
this cool we share.

We'll spin and jump 
then jerk and spasm
till we lie spent
from wild or-jazz-ams.

So put on records
let em' flow
it's cool inside
come on let's go.


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