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The STD Misinformation Young Adults Have

Updated on August 20, 2012

What do teens or young adults believe when determining whether vaginal or oral sex is safer from STD's?

For the first time, the results of survey are available polled from ages 15-24. BTW, shagging and bonking is British slang for having sexual intercourse. The poll involved over 6300 interviews from 2007-10. It found that 65% of both male and females had experienced oral sex. Also, 25% of both genders experienced oral sex before vaginal intercourse. Of the total, only 43% of them actually had vaginal sex, this number was down from 1988, which was 51%.

Although use of condoms had increased the amount of STD's remained the same. And, half of all STD's in 2010 occurred within this age group. The conclusion is that most within this age group think having oral sex is far safer than having vaginal sex, which is simply incorrect. Those having oral sex are still at risk to many STI's and STD's. Of the total interviewed, only about 28% were virgins-they did not have oral or vaginal sex.


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