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Our Favorite Types of Bad Boys

Updated on October 4, 2015
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Madonna lives in Gardena, Ca with her 2 kids. She attends LATTC for Business and Psychology, and she's a survivor and human rights activist.

What is your bad boy type?

Ladies, we all can relate and say we had a taste of a bad boy or two. You know exactly what I'm talking about don't deny it! He's the one we fantasied about and drooled over from the gangster in the streets to the executive in the office. The bad boy comes in every shape, size and color. He could be anywhere and anyone. His powers have possessed us and it brought out a certain wild side we didn't even know existed in us. Is it the fact that he's dangerous and doesn't play by the rules? Is it because he's so mysterious and we can't figure him out? It's fascinating to us right? We like a little challenge and we're easily fallen into their trap. Ladies, what type of bad boy drives you insane and brings out your bad girl side?

The Boss

The bad boy known as the boss is a favorite to many undercover women all around. He's confident, strong and a powerful man that other men respect and answer too . He calls all the shots and he's in charge of everything. He leads and they follow. He gives out his commands and they obey them. He shows no fear and no regard for others. It's his way or no way. That power can draw us to our knees because that man is dominant causing us to be submissive. A boss knows exactly how to please his woman to get what he wants from her. His powerful body is almost godly. This bad boy can be very persuasive and sweet talking. He can whisper anything you want to hear in your ear and send chills down your body and you give in and fall for It every time. He has a certain control and power over us. A boss is smart and can weasel his way in and out of hearts.

The Life of the Party

We see this bad boy at all the clubs, at the parties and at any social event. He's a fine sexy man and he's charming. He's popular almost celebrity like and he's known to party and last all night long. He gets the drinks flowing and the party going. He knows how to have a good time and he's fun. His smile will light up a room and the ladies all love him. He likes to show you off like a trophy and woman hate on you, they're jealous and envious. But you don't care because he's yours and love the attention when you're with him. This bad boy loves a beautiful sexy sensual woman by his side and if they're not looking at her then he doesn't want her. He has confidence and a persona to live by. Yes he does have a reputation and you know about it. You also know he loves a variety of women and can be a womanizer. He's skilled at what he does and he's seasoned to perfection. He can show you moves you never even known about and he'll have you wondering why you're calling him and begging him for more.

The Gambler

This bad boy is the one known to risk it all and lives life in the fast lane. He's so exciting and charismatic. He's flashy and dressed to kill. He has heads turning to get a look at his swagger, his car, his jewelry and his fancy clothes. He loves money and loves a good gamble to flip it to riches. He's so good at betting with no worries at all. He's the type to throw all his chips on the table and not even care of the outcome. But somehow he's lucky, he wins, he draws a crowd and he has to have his good luck charm by his side which happens to be you. The both of you shine brighter than gold together and a perfect match so it seems. He shows you new exciting things, takes you to finest restaurants and can wine and dine you. His body knows how to please you and he finds that spot that sends your body wild and out of control. He can fool you though and you know it. He likes a variety so you are not the only lady in his life. You can never catch this smooth player but the gambles he takes will eventually catch up to Mr Risk Taker.

Rebel with a Heart

This is a unique bad boy because this one is in disguise. He has a killer smile and a bad attitude. He chain-smokes his cigarettes and can be known to toss more than a few beers back. You love his body and he is so sexy to you and you've been dying to rub those arms. He has tattoos sleeved up and down his arms, on his neck and all over his body and you love the way they look on him. He's rugged and raw and masculine. He's a rebel of the law. He can mean mug a person up and down and it seems like he lacks emotions. But this bad boy has a heart. He is very generous and caring to his lady. He is a passionate lover and he will surprise you when he spoons you after. You know us ladies love to be spooned and cuddled because we feel protected in his arms. He once lived a tough life that caused his attitude and tough boy image but he tries. He will open the door for you, call to check on you the next day and make sure you're ok. You'll feel like he could be it. But something is off and you can't figure it out. He doesn't want to get too close because his heart was broken. There's always a secrecy about him and he's always leaving you to wonder what happened or what is he up to? Friends and family are tired of you going back and forth. But we don't care because we get so caliente for him, we miss his touch and him. We go back and get weaved right back into his web.

What's your favorite bad boy type?

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