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Valuing The Opinions of Others

Updated on February 13, 2017

The one thing I have noticed over the years is the phenomenon of self-appointed experts just do not like certain people to have an opinion. So what if someone talks about their education? There is nothing wrong about that. Some people are grateful for the opportunity to attend school, and I think expressing this gratitude on a continuous basis might inspire other people to pursue a higher degree. Today I was reading the forum and I just had to chuckle. Of course, once again people were alluding to how they are really nice on the forum, but how they consider some people to be fools and treat them accordingly. Really, do you really feel that way? Okay, I have noticed some people can have an opinion, any opinion for that matter, and no one will disparage them for it. However, other people have an opinion and they are accused of being elitist, insecure, arrogant, silly, or just not as good as others. Yes, I do stand up for myself on the forum because, to be honest, I know there is a group that likes to get together and picks on others.

Even if you think you are not attacking someone telling them you need to question them on their opinions is highly disrespectful. I have learned you cannot even feel you are more attractive than an actress without people taking it the wrong way, and that was just an opinion folks. Also, I was not the only one in the world that feels that way. You cannot even say you are against baby leashes without people going nuts over that. Gee, what ever happened to letting some people have an opinion?

You know I really do not like tattoos or drinking, but I never found myself going to people's hubs and disparaging them for what gives them pleasure. If I did they would scoff at that, but interesting how people line up to scoff at you for admitting you like Obama, or that you see a positive changes in Washington. Of course the moneyed interest that were mad to see Obama elected are behind riling people up to protest, but the picketers probably do not even realize this. It is becoming more popular to call your opposition "un-American" in this country, so some would probably even declare those who like generic chocolate cereal of being socialists.

If you say "the truth" some people will make fun of you and tell you that you sound like the religious forum. Never mind that you are not preaching religion and telling people that they will go to hell. Those people can write means spirited post judging the world, but you are accused of being the evil religionist. Very Interesting logic really, and they accuse me of being illogical. Well, I think the shoe may be on the other foot really. So what if I am sensitive about all this petty bickering. I know I am a kind person that has helped many hubbers here.

I may have even gone out of my way to help some people and be supportive of them just to find they think I am silly or a fool. Good, I really do not care. I would rather be a fool expressing my opinions than be one of the fun ones trashing Obama. When it comes down to it I found the September 12 march to be very disrespectful to Barack Obama, and the imagery is problematic. We never saw marches against Bush with that much vitriol parodying his appearance, and it is disingenuous to claim that we have.

Sometimes I may even put myself out there way too much by saying international hubbers find some American acts to be boorish. One hubbers seemed amused when I said that, but so be it. I find I have been far more respectful and supportive of others than some people have been of me. When it comes down to it you learn to be more restrained and avoid the forum more perhaps. There are really only a few people of value there to chat with anyway.

No I am not disappointed with all of Hubpages, but I find it interesting people are okay with all the fallacies being purported about Obama right now. Health care reform is about making hospital visits more accessible and more affordable to all Americans, and many have fallen for the propaganda of the insurance companies that want you to believe "your rights" are being taken away. No you rights are not being taken away, and the public option would actually help some people who cannot afford insurance now to obtain more affordable health care.

A single payer health care model would have been better, but as we know Americans are just not ready. Today I read a BBC blog about how Americans love to accuse their opposition of being unpatriotic, but to be honest these days that tends to be an accusation thrown around by conservatives. I am sure there are some great conservatives policies out there, but I really have grown weary of most seeing there is a large amount of vitriol coming from that side. The Glenn Beck's of the world are not making America a better place. One thing you might want to consider doing tonight is not watching Fox, or if you watch it please consider how biased it is in a very malicious way.


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