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Our roles as women

Updated on April 7, 2012

The double standard

For some of us we really need to study. I don't believe that as women who has taken control over their lives and has had a calling from God should be denied a certain role in life whether it be in the church or in the home.

There are so many double standards when it comes to the roles of women vs men. A man can lay up with as many women as he like and for some of us we will never question his character and or role and use that grade ole excuse of "he's just being a man" What does that really mean? That he can be a whore, that he can father over 16 different children and be called a father and or a daddy because he donated sperm "in actuality"?

Everyone has a different perspective on what is put in front of them. Each person looking at the same exact object but walks away with a different opinion, view point and description. Man wrote the bible, and during that time did it not change? Who's to say it wouldn't change as of today?

Sometimes we can be so blocked in, so closed minded that we are blinded by our own BS. Christians can be the biggest hypocrites in this world something the world needs to ponder. As women we are not taking role of man for this to be the reason why women are lesbians? -as a fellow FB poster suggests.

When men turned their backs on their roles it has been "Woman" to take up the slack. To keep her family and her home strong and stable and financially kept. In return man has become resentful yet obedient to sexual pleasures of woman on woman, in threesome acts yet we are not judging man but blaming women. In the end we have to open our own eyes to the fatal misjudgments of others. We walk a tall tale but tales are not reality.


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    • profile image

      atsushi Oguma 2 years ago

      please keep your maind of the poricy,when I think so.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      "We are not judging man but blaming women" is a sad but true commentary on our society. However, if women decide among themselves to adopt the right attitude toward each other, that will help. Thank you for sharing.