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5 Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings That Will Blow Their Minds!

Updated on March 26, 2012

1. Fingerprint Wedding Ring


I was so excited when I saw this ring, that it had to go first on my ring mind-blowing list! This is a unisex band that you can incorporate your fingerprint onto. To me this is the essence of romance. You give your special someone a gorgeous ring (in my mind this ring suits the fellow more than the gal) and embedded in the ring is the design of his love's fingerprint. Symbol of eternal togetherness? I think so! You can order this 14K white gold ring on for just $1075.

2. His and Hers Wood Grain Wedding Rings


These duo wedding bands add a beautiful wood grain design to give the unexpected but equally gorgeous look that you're looking for. I love that the silver is so textured instead of the usual smooth look. The bride's band has a beautiful .10 ct diamond set in it giving it a spark or traditionality, while the groom's band is a plain solid sterling silver ring. These rings come as a pair for $275 on

3. Wooden Wedding Rings


If a faux wood grain isn't for you, and you want the real thing, perhaps you will swoon over these rings. Each wedding ring is made of salvaged Rosewood from old xylophone keys. The groom's band is a Silver band inlaid with the Rosewood that gives a sleek modern look. The bride's ring is one solid tapered Rosewood band set with 5mm round Blue Topaz and a white gold setting. Unique rings for unique people! The pair can be bought for $640.

4. Stacked Wedding and Engagement Rings

I picked this photo to show a growing trend - stacking your different rings to make your wedding accessory statement. It seems that more and more brides are choosing to wear not one, not two, but three or more rings on their wedding finger and the visual is quite striking. Feel free to mix gold and silver, different colors of gems and thicknesses to create a fabulous look.

5. Simple Gold Wedding Ring


Last, but definitely not least, is a ring that points out another growing trend - simplicity. In stark contrast to the the complicated stacked ring look, many brides are gravitating towards simple and traditional gold bands. I wouldn't swap the world for my simple gold ring. This ring is 18K yellow gold with a .03 ct princess cut diamond set in the band. Just lovely and a steal at $600. Gold isn't your bag? Then get the ring in platinum for $1130.

These are just a few of the eye-catching ring trends that are out there right now. Of course whatever ring you choose will be perfect as it is a symbol of your love. Congratulations and Good Luck!


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I would choose the wooden rings, how unique!

    • creamsoda profile image

      creamsoda 6 years ago from Canada!!!

      Wow! Thanks! And I know what you mean. I love my ring because it was from my husband too.

    • JEDIJESSICUH profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago from Kansas

      I would love the fingerprint wedding ring. I think it's absolutely romantic. I do like my ring though. My husband tried to get me to pick mine out for the longest time, then finally did it himself and settled on exactly what I wanted: something simple, beautiful and elegant. These are amazing rings, there's no doubt about that, but a ring with a meaning is just as exquisite.

      Voted up, awesome and beautiful.

    • creamsoda profile image

      creamsoda 6 years ago from Canada!!!


    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      These are all exquisite! Thanks for sharing the information.