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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Updated on October 26, 2011


Lighting creates mood at a wedding, so pay special attention to it as you plan your wedding. Experts agree that special events lighting should be varied. In other words, use many different kinds of lights (spotlights, rope lights, candles, torches, etc.) to create a sophisticated backdrop for your wedding. By creating shadows, highlights, and lowlights, you can control the mood and atmosphere of the wedding.

Up-lights and Back-lights

Use up-lights and back-lights against walls or tall shrubs to create discrete light. You can buy can lights and floodlights at home improvement stores. You need to run extension cords to these lights, so make sure you have access to enough electrical outlets. Also, cover extension cords with tape or rugs so your guests don't trip over them.

Post Lamps

Post lamps add a romantic feel to a wedding. Decorate post lamps in the wedding's theme colors and placed along walkways to help guests know where to go. You can rent post lamps from rental supply companies or bought from home improvement centers. As with up-lights and back-lights, you will need to run extension cords, so make sure the cords can be conveniently tucked away.

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is perfect for a wedding because you can use it to highlight the aisle the wedding party will walk down. Order the right amount for the length of your aisle. Rope lighting can also be used to line walkways or hang from gazebo or tent rafters.


Place small tea light candles in front of every place setting at a table. Arrange an assortment of candles around pictures at the guest book table as guests walk in. Use tall candles as a backdrop at the buffet table.

Party Torches

Party torches can be used along the aisle, but this can be a little dangerous, especially if children are present. Torches are more effectively used at the front where the bridal party stands during the ceremony. They also work well along the driveway or path leading to the party.


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