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Overcoming Rejection : How To Move On With Your Life

Updated on February 6, 2010

It can be tough when you find yourself alone again after another failed relationship.  The pain of what you hoped would be a lasting relationship coming to and end can almost be too much to bear.  As you review where things could have gone wrong a multitude of different reasons can flood your mind.   However what can hurt the most is, If you feel you have been rejected by your ex partner.

When we enter a relationship most of us want it to be a long lasting enduring one.  The desire to be loved and give love is what we are seeking for.  In our hearts we want to be that significant person to another human being.   A bring meaning to another person’s life.

After a time of healing when we feel ready to try once again to find that special person overwhelming feelings of fear can enter your being as your mind reviews the bad relationships you have had and causes you to think about the possibility of being rejected again.

Fears such as:

The fear of not being able to relate sincerely because of the experiences you have had

The fear of having a bad time

 The fear of being vulnerable again

The Fear of choosing the wrong partner

These are understandable fears which can easily be overcome.  Rejection is part of life.  We have all been given the right to choose.  As long as we exercise this right rejection will always be a matter of course for us or for the person we reject because of the choice we have or they have made.

In the attempt to find that special person, we have to acknowledge that it might not be smooth sailing.  Some of the relationships we enter into might not work out.  It is through these experiences we learn the art of how to relate to another person effectively by taking note of what we like and dislike. Ultimately if we learn from these experiences we will be successful.

Whilst going through this process no one wants to go through the anguish of a broken relationship, however we cannot find love if we don’t open up ourselves to be vulnerable. Getting hurt is part of the process.

You need to revisit how you view rejection.  Do not look at is as something that has happened negatively to you.  Turn it around and see it positively.  Yippee! You could have been saved from a hellish existence with someone who does not respect, value or appreciate you.  There is nothing worse than being with someone who does not want to be with you.

No one can tell what the future holds.  So stop thinking and saying negative things about your future.  As long as you hold on to such thoughts you will continue to live them out subconsciously.  Thereby experiencing what you do not want – rejection!

So instead of thinking the worse, expect the best.  Imagine receiving God’s best and go all out to succeed this time without fear.  I promise you it is worth trying.


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    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      A great hub! Thanks for sharing:)