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Overpopulation Problem in Egypt by Islam Yusri

Updated on August 27, 2016

No place to live anymore

Overpopulation problem is realized to be one of the most threatening problems for the national growth in Egypt.

Throughout the various developmental strategies that had been formulated by the Egyptian government, the main problem that acted as a strong barrier for the achievement of national objectives is considered to be the overpopulation. With limited economic resources and shortages in the national finances, the government became less able to fulfill the demands and the needs of the population. Many problems arose as a result of the overpopulation problem. However, the increases within the population had been perceived to be decreasing within the past decades, the increasing rate of the Egyptian population is still high. The scholars and the researchers had been suggesting various changes in the rules and the regulations for ensuring the reduction of the overpopulation problem, in order to provide the government the capability and the strength in the fulfilling the national growth strategies and the enhancement o the satisfaction of the entire Egyptian population. In this essay, the author will be identifying the main causes and effects of the overpopulation problem in Egypt, for the purpose of the analyzing and evaluating the extent of the problem, which would be helping the decision makers and the policy makers for finding out the appropriate solutions for the overpopulation problem.

One of the key sources of the overpopulation problem is recognized to be flexible rules and regulations toward the child labor or the working of the children. The lack of an appropriate legal framework for preventing the child of the labor, alongside with the high rate of poverty made the majority of the families within the poverty zones to consider that he children would be an effective source of income for the entire family. Additional significant base of the overpopulation problem is known as the strong cultural values, which are based on Islamic beliefs, for the purpose of the enlargement of the number of the Muslims, throughout having a lot of children. This is one of the main values that had been held by the Muslims and derived them to neglect birth control approaches and systems, which had been referred to as inappropriate or taboo behaviors in Islamic Religion. Another important cause of the overpopulation problem is acknowledged to be the high rate of the illiteracy and the lack of the appropriate knowledge about the birth control systems. The lack of effective educational systems can be considered one of the most important factors that led to the overpopulation and the orientation o the population to have a lot of kids.

One of the key impacts of the overpopulation problem is documented to be the rise of the rates of poverty, which had been caused by the insufficient rate of the resources and the economic capabilities to fulfilling the needs and the demands of the Egyptians. the rise of the rate of the population and the reduction of the national resources led to the in-equilibrium among both the demand and the supply sides, which ensured the lack of the appropriate public services and financial aids for the entire population, equally. Additional significant effect of the overpopulation problem is known as the rise of the rates of the Egyptians’ migration, which had been based on the need for the appropriate and more suitable living conditions, which can’t be obtained in Egypt. The rise of the rate of the migrants had been depriving the national strategies from the ability for the attainment of its goals and objectives. because of the limited job opportunities that are being offered from the public and the private sectors in Egypt, the Egyptians tended to migrate for the enhancement of their financial capabilities and the development of their standard of living. Another important result of the overpopulation problem is approved to be the rise of the rate of the pollution and the seriousness of the problems of global warming. In other words, the overpopulation phenomenon had been contributing in the rise of the ineffective and the inappropriate behaviors by the Egyptians, which had been leading to the pollution of the various environments and natural resources. Throughout the ineffectiveness of the government in providing suitable services for the population, there had been huge rise of the pollution rate and the lack of the appropriate channels for enhancing the awareness of the people of the environmental activities.

In conclusion, the overpopulation problem should be set within the first target or objective for the national strategies, for ensuring the reduction of the significance of the negative impacts that can be resulted from its enlargement. Throughout the various changes and restructurings within the national social and economic dimensions, the governmental officials and representatives should be focusing on the building and implementing different solutions or the reducing the overpopulation problem. The elimination of the overpopulation problem would be ensuring the reduction and the destruction of the various activities that will be enhancing the growth of the national incomes and the enhancement of the population’s standard of livings. For ensuring the continual growth of the national economic and social development, there should be limiting for the growth of the population, which would be ensuring that the national resources will be sufficient for meeting the needs of the current size of the population.

© 2016 Islam Yusri El Sayed


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