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PART 2: ‘Powerful Attraction Energy to draw into you the Relationship of your Dreams’

Updated on October 14, 2011

Attract your Date and Create the Relationship YOU Love and Desire!

Anchoring on from my previous article using mental powers to draw unto you the love of your life:

PART 1: ‘Powerful Attraction Energy to draw into you the Relationship of your Dreams’

To become attractive & FINALLY FREE to attract your ideal partner you first have to free your mind of any negative inhibitions concerning previous relationships of NOT ONLY YOURSELF but OF OTHERS too & only then we should use our powers & the magic of the mind to instill the correct attractive energy of persona into yourself!

So far….

We have come to the conclusion that before we can fully attract the ideal mate we have to first tunnel down deep inside ourselves & dig up past wrong doings of previous relationship mishaps concerning YOU & YOUR EX, especially of mistrust, hurt, hate & blame.

But get this….

Before facing up to & bringing these mishaps to light, examining these misfortunes & then diminishing any blame by realizing they did happen & they were meant only as a learning curve to better ourselves for any future relationships we are about to encounter because…..


Now this may be hard for you to comprehend…

And if it is it is only you’re EGO & within part 1 of article we have learned to let go of our EGO because they come with NEGATIVE EMOTIONS that would likely PREVENT US from obtaining our desire by holding us back in our future!

And this IS NOT GOOD!

Face your Fears to become FREE to Attract!

But when we face up to & free these NEGATIVE EMOTIONS we can finally release ourselves…. from the very sincerest & purest part of our minds & our heart.

Also what is done is done now SO FACE IT DISPLACE IT & LET IT GO but remember THAT EACH & EVERY ONE OF US IS A UNIQUE CREATURE which means that because someone done something to you before does not meant that someone new will do it to you now or in the future!

Especially if you have studied part 1 of this series & successfully practiced what is outline within?

Because when you sort out your own personal issues concerning mistrust, hurt, hate & blame towards not only you but others as well you will finally become free to start anew with someone new without any ego BECAUSE…. love will be your new motivator.

Within this article we are going to delve into the second part of the magic secret of attracting your ideal mate. The one you want.

But some work is required…you will have to use your mind once again.

Ok, on with the show…


And this is what step 2 of this series of articles is all about…

Using your mind to attract the ideal partner you want.

In step 1 you freed your mind of any negative emotions & forgave all the blame & hurt & now for step 2 you are going to instill attractiveness into yourself…

And I know it’s getting late & you really want to do this so let’s crack on shall we….

To instill attractive traits that become your very persona that your ideal mate will pick up on so you can attract the one you want is to….



Instill confidence…

Confidence within yourself as a person who deserves the love & respect of another!

Now this is easy to do because of how you imagine yourself to be

You see….

Because we are all creatures of energy what we truly perceive of ourselves is what we will draw back to us.

I hope ya all believe me?

For instance….If you highly regard yourself as sexy…truthfully…confidently….Empathetic

Others will pick up on this too!

I knew you’d like it…

So let’s begin!

Hold Your Head up High! Walk with Pride!

From now on I want you to hold your head up HIGH….I want you to understand that you are a considerate, sexy & a loving person who deserves whatever you want out of life just because you are worth it… therefore you deserve it.

You have already done most of your homework reading part 1 of this series! Right?

So this means there is no more hate or mistrust or unhappiness in your life for yourself & for others you have dated in the past?

It doesn’t matter how others have treated you or how you have treated others….

Forget that & drop the EGO!



Become free & look to the future!

Because today is a new day & tomorrow is a new beginning & we will always learn from yesterday!

Connect to the quietness of your imagination & see yourself as a sexy being walking this earth with pride & love & affection. Know you are highly valued even sexually as a person.

Know this & feel your emotions inside & take your time to focus onto it…

and from today onwards...Right now....


Feel the security & the confidence that comes with these emotions…



Within your imagination…..Pick up on the perceptions of others also knowing that you are highly valued as a sexy person!

Feel the love you have for yourself & keep these in mind as you walk your path!


FEEL THEM! You will become attractive to others when you become attractive to yourself & what you KNOW & PERCEIVE of yourself from the inside you will draw the same from your new partner!

This is called the power of attraction in relationship terms

Now there is another step for your consideration to attract the ideal partner so that you can actually PINPOINT the one you want to share your life with that I am just about completing titled ‘Dream lover I attracted You’ so if you would like to be kept updated just sign in HERE & subscribe to my feed & you will be notified instantly plus get access to all of my dating & relationship articles & whilst your there why not create your own articles for profit?

Make sure you read PART 1 to complete your attraction factor! PART 1 Powerful Attraction Energy to draw into you the Relationship of your Dreams’

Please let me know what you think? Regards Dale


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment ItsThatSimple, it does make sense to look up, face, then free the mind from the past to now accept something new & totally different for the present & future into one's life. Regards Dale

    • ItsThatSimple profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      It is so hard to free ourselves of inhibitions and be truly open to new partners in relationships sometimes. This is especially true when we have had painful pasts that still haunt us. However, I like your proposal of working backwards. Instead of diving into the new relationship and making effort to make it perfect, we need to carry over those lessons we've learned from the past and let go of the pain. Gratitude for the lessons we have learned will help to achieve the relationships we've been dreaming of!


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