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Updated on January 4, 2013


Lynn watched in horror, as her husband, David wrestled their sixteen year old son John to the ground. His girlfriend, Aimee stood at the door screaming, ''do something, he's killing him" Lynn running, yelled "Call the police".as she ran out the back door.

The father, red faced and enraged sat on top of his son. Her son, was weeping, "dad go ahead, kill me, kill me" as his father wrapped his strong hands around John's neck. He was raging at his son, "I told you not to skip school" Oh my God, He was choking him! Lynn had to think fast, Oh God,what do I do now ? She knew she had to react quickly.

She knew all their lives were in jeopardy! There was always the 22' rifle that David had hidden behind the utility room door. She knew in her heart, though she couldn't shoot him! He was her husband..she ran to his side, and she kneel-ed on the hard ground, next to them. She began.pleading, and begging for her son's life. "Please he's our son, let him go, let him go"

Suddenly David, released the strangle hold on John's neck.

John, leaped from the ground, sobbing and began to run..Aimee ran towards John, crying out, to Lynn " You should have called the police!". Lynn, looked at her, and said, "Why didn't you call the police, after I told you too? Lynn knew she had to do whatever it would take to save her son's life.. Aimee caught up with John, as he made a beeline for the road..

Lynn knew the police would never arrive in time, They lived too far away, from the nearest town. It would take the police 40 minutes or so to get to them.

Lynn ran after her son, calling out to him..He stopped, crying out, I'm going to Aimee's house. He said, "I'm ok Mom" I'll be alright. She hugged him goodbye, as he and Aimee ran down the road.. Lynn, scared and her heart racing, returned to the house.

Lynn went into the living room..Her husband was sitting quietly in his chair. She knew she had to be very careful, in how she handled the situation..

A flashback came back from her childhood.. She had a memory of another time, when she was 17 years old. On a summer morning in June, her mom and dad were standing in the hallway of their house. Her cousin Brenda was with her.. Brenda was visiting from out of town.

She and Brenda watched in terror as her drunken dad, began to strangle her mom! He ripped her mom's skirt off and her mom, now gasping, stood there in her white slip..Lynn and Brenda cried out, and ran into Lynn's bedroom,..Quickly they crawled out a bedroom window and ran down the street to the Campbell's to call the police.

Brenda who was wearing her pajamas, had hidden behind a neighbors car, as Lynn ran into the house..The police quickly arrived..and Lynn's dad met them in the yard, belligerently ordering them off his property. He quickly changed his tune, and welcomed them into his house..Thankfully he did not kill her mom...

Lynn called her mom on the phone, after the police talked to Lynn. The police told Lynn, she could bring charges against her father Her mom begged her not to press charges, as she was afraid, he would get out of jail, and come back to kill her..

Lynn knew this was true, She did what her mom asked, as her father was violent when he drank. Her father had been in the army, stationed in Japan.

He learned how to torture and interrogate, and he used these methods on his family. Sometimes he would wake them up in the middle of the night, and interrogate them. He would slap some of his children in the face, for not cleaning up their bedrooms.

Sometimes knives were thrown, and all the supper dishes would be thrown off the table, as they tried to eat a meal. The children would shake and tremble with fear..They would run to their bedrooms.

Often they would hear their mom sobbing, as she was being tortured, late at night. Lynn would put a pillow over her head, as she couldn't bear to hear the sound of her mom weeping. She prayed for help. Lynn began to hate and fear him, as did the others. Their life was total hell.

During the 60s, there were no shelters for abused women and children. Her father was to struggle for the rest of his life, trying to give up alcohol! . He nearly died, after a violent incident with Lynn. It was Lynn's graduation day..

As she was leaving the bathroom, her staggering father, backed her, into the bathroom, He pushed her over the bathtub. Lynn began screaming. He dragged her by her hair, pulling her out of the bathroom..

Her mother, trying to help, held a frying pan in her hands, she threatened her husband with the iron skillet. Her dad released Lynn..She fled her home, a day later with her cousin Henry, who lived in Ohio..

Shortly after this, her father was found.choking on his blood..He had developed cirrohisis of the liver. He was 45 years old at the time. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital, when her mom found him lying on the floor, in a pool of blood.

The priest gave him last rites. The doctors said, "he was dying". At the edge of death, he decided he wanted to live. He fought the battle to live and he survived..

He lived until he was 64 years old, and then he succumbed to liver cancer after he went on his last alcoholic binge. He finally conquered alcohol! Lynn struggled for years to forgive him and she finally realized it was futile to play the victim.. It only made her sick, when she got upset..

Lynn thought about this as she gazed at her husband across the room. His anger and insanity was gone now and deep remorse filled his face.

He said, "Oh My God, what have I done" "I wish this had never happened" Lynn went over to him and she hugged him. She remained, very calm with him. She chose to be kind. She chose this time to give him love..She knew he was calling out for help..He was a combat survivor of the Vietnam War.

He was deeply disturbed, and so was her son..He had this same anger within him. Her son had once aimed a gun at her, when she talked to him about his attendance at school..She refused to react, to him, except in a kind way.. Her son put the gun away.

Another time, her son put a knife to her throat, because he'd seen her fear when he was driving her car. His driving scared her, but she was careful not to say a word. When they got into the house, He grabbed a knife, from the silverware drawer and placed it up against the front of her neck. Again, she did not react. He immediately apologized. He said, "I'm sorry, I'm just being mean"..He was just trying to scare her, and she refused to be intimidated..

The next morning after her husband had left for work..Lynn called her son's school and talked to the principal. She told him what had transpired.

Her son was at school. He had no bruises on his neck.The principal told her he would help her son, and try to arrange for counseling for both John and her husband. Lynn went to talk to a social worker in the town where she worked.

John had repeatedly skipped school through his school years and had been suspended for long periods of time He was prone to destructive rages. He used to rip off the doors in David and Lynn's house.

He sometimes had rages at school, when his girlfriend called him names. The desks would go flying, when he got into a rage, and once his teacher got knocked down, accidentally in the crossfire.

This last violent incident would precipitate a period of healing, that would evolve over the next two years. One day Lynn's son, John came home from school. He was now a junior in high school. He said, "I am so sorry, and so tired for all the things, I have done wrong". He'd had enough pain..He bought a door to replace the last door he ripped off its hinges.

He sent a card to his dad, apologizing for his actions.. John failed to graduate with his senior class. He would attend school for one more year. He finally graduated to a standing cheering ovation. Everyone was so happy, to see him graduate!

Later John's father sought help with the Veteran's Administration. It was determined that her husband, suffered from Post Traumatic Stress.

John told his mom later, that her love had saved him. He'd been in trouble with everyone. John and his father healed their relationship in a miraculous way.. The ancient hatreds between them, was finally healed and peace was restored to the house..


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  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    Thank you, we cannot really control anyone outside of us..if we choose to love those that are vicious, then we can see peace and harmony coming about in our personal lives, and maybe someday even will conquer all..

  • Sweetsusieg profile image


    7 years ago from Michigan

    The power of Love is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • LuxmiH profile image

    Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes 

    7 years ago from Fort Pierce, Florida

    This is the story of so many families. I loved the last paragraph. Love indeed is the ulimate power. Well done!


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