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Updated on June 19, 2016

According to a statistical study by the Health Ministry in NHMS 2006- 2011, one out of every seven children in Malaysia have the problem of obesity. This fact is particularly worrisome because the numbers are growing from year to year. The main cause of the problem of obesity among children is due to diet and lack of physical activity. In a study reported in the USA in 2015, found that obese children as young as 8 years old have signs of heart disease that will cause them to suffer from heart disease during their adulthood.

In terms of nutrition, the main cause is because food processors and fast food galore-flea market. Due to the busy factor parents often easier to give food to children than provide its own home-cooked food. If cooked too, often also parents choose to cook dishes quickly and easily prepared quickly without complicated preparation process. Food process and soon the sugar, refined carbohydrates such as flour and trans fats that cause obesity problem is.

In addition, processed foods also contain various preservatives, flavorings and colorings which are detrimental to the long-term health.

High-carbohydrate processed foods often contain high sugar to add sweetness and attract children to eat it. Excess sugar in the diet are among the main factors contributing to the obesity problem. Food process and soon also contain unhealthy fats ie trans fatty acids or hydrogenated cooking oils like margarine and creamer. Studies show that foods containing trans fatty acids also be the cause of obesity.

When children start getting overweight, usually they will be physically active, as when jogging or exercising they will be quick 'breathlessness', breathless and feel tired quickly. As a result they often choose not to be active and less mobile. The situation becomes a cycle that is harmful because it causes obesity problem is getting worse.

To overcome the problem of obesity is very important parents play a role as a driver and educating children toward a healthier lifestyle. Parents should have the right knowledge about healthy eating and also get together children during exercise or physical activity.

Parents should provide healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Parents also need to provide nutritious meals that are high in fiber such as brown rice, whole wheat bread fiber, oat and so on. The most important thing parents need to show the right example with their own need to eat healthily. Children who love sweets such as ice cream, chocolate and cakes should be given a choice of fruit sweet but healthy. Parents need to understand that fast food is the real cause of obesity so they should avoid buying their children fast food and processed foods. Parents are encouraged to cook and prepare your own healthy meals for their children.

In terms of physical activity, parents should play a leading role together with children exercise and physical activities such as evening or morning exercise. We can choose activities that are not exercised directly but involves physical antiviti like a sea, river or pool bath. Parents can also equally cycled while their children wander around the park their home. Encourage the children involved in the martial arts association would indeed be a lot of physical activity in addition to studying the martial if necessary.

As parents we really need to educate our children for their future and there also we help our children to be healthy by educating them to live healthier future for the sake of their health. If your child has a severe obesity problem, it should be brought to the doctor or to the hospital for treatment and further examination to ensure no other health factors that cause this obesity problem.


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