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Pakistani Mehndi Functions

Updated on May 23, 2014

Pakistani Wedding

Pakistani weddings are a pretty festive event. The Mehndi, Rukhsati/Baraat and the Walima each have their own significance. Of all these events, the most entertaining and the most fun event is the Mehndi function, in which the friends, family, relatives etc all gather at one place, they sing and dance and make merry. It is a lighthearted function where the focus is on having a good time. The bride and the groom, both are seated at a mehndi stage which is beautifully decorated, while the rest of the wedding guests present carefully choreographed dances and carry out certain customs, which are specific to the mehndi function, only.

Pakistani Mehndi Party

Perhaps the best way to describe this event is the word ‘party’. The Mehndi function is the pre wedding party kind of an events, where the friends and families of both the bride and groom, gather at once place and celebrate the wedding which is yet to come.

So,what happens at a Pakistani Mehndi party? Well, there is a lot of dancing, singing, laughing involved. There are certain customs, or rather they are called ‘Rasm-e-Henna’ which are just fun little customs, which the elders of the family carry out with the bride and the groom. For example, the elders of the family give ‘sadqa’ of the bride and the groom, Which is done by taking some money and circling it three times around the bride’s or the groom’s head, then that money is given as charity to the needy. The purpose of ‘Sadqa’ is to ward off evil through charity.


In most traditional Pakistani mehndi functions, the bride is to keep her face hidden in a veil. She is brought to the main venue by her sisters, friends, cousins. The venue’s decoration also plays an important role in setting the environment right for the mehndi function which is to take place. The whole place is decorated with jasmine flowers and marigold flowers. Lanterns and scented candles are also used for decoration purposes. The stage where the bride and the groom are to be seated is also beautifully decorated with more flowers and beautiful, royal chairs or sofas, specifically meant for the bride and the groom. In front of the stage, there is a ‘dance floor’ kind of a thing which is set up, where those who will be dancing, will be showing their performances to the rest of the guests and the bride and the groom, as well, of course.

After the singing and dancing is done, the wedding guests are served food and drinks, followed by sweet dishes and tea or coffee. The food that you are most likely to come across at a Pakistani Mehdni function is Halwa, Puri, Channay and Aalo ki bhujiya. However, some people may go for barbequed items,or even biryani, followed by Zarda. Sweet dishes include Kulfis, ice cream, puddings and custards etc Soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Miranda, Fanta, Sprite etc are also made part of the menu.


Pakistani Mehndi Dance

Dances make the most entertaining part of the Mehndi function as one of the main significant Pakistani wedding traditions. The dear and near ones of the bride and the groom spend quite some time in preparing dances to popular bollywood numbers, or some traditional Pakistani wedding songs as well.

The boys who are participating in this dance, usually do ‘Bhangra’ which is the traditional Punjabi dance. They may go for more modern dance moves as well. The girls sometimes show a performance of dandiya, which is done with sticks.

Sometimes, the elders of the family also dance, which looks very cute. The parents of the bride and the groom, and other aunts and uncles, do a little dancing which is met with a lot of hooting from the wedding guests. The whole environment is that of fun and happiness.

Pakistani Mehndi Dresses

The dresses which can be seen worn by the people at a Pakistani Mehndi party are no short of beautiful. The popular options for mehndi dresses include angharkas, shalwa kameez, stylishly cut kurtas paired with choori daars, ghararas, some brides may even go for saris.

Long, flowy dupattas are also quite inn at a mehndi function. As far as the colors are concerned, bright and bold colors are seen at mehndi functions. Like oranges, yellows, reds, greens etc are the most popular mehndi colors.


Pakistani Mehndi Outfits 2013

The trend which has been most common this year, at mehndi functions, was loose flared trousers, with equally long kameez. The sleeves of the kameez were either three quarter in length or completely sleeveless. The most dominant mehndi colors were reds, oranges, yellows. Lightly embroidered and embellished outfits were all the rage this mehndi season. However, dupattas were seen missing from most of the outfits.

The fashion industry in Pakistan is quite huge and every year, they come with their own respective trends for each event. Big fashion names likes HSY, Deepak Perwani, Maria B, Lajwanti etc present their wedding collections during various fashion weeks. Many fashion magazines are also a great option if you want to know what styles and trends are inn and which are not.

Other than dresses, the jewelry of the bride also plays an important role. Most brides go for flower jewelry made of roses, jasmines and marigolds. They have eaarings, tikkas made of flowers. They look beautiful, undoubtedly.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are great, Arabic mehndi designs are quite popular with brides. The mehndi is very important and without it the bridal look just looks incomplete. Another popular mehndi design which can be spotted on the hands of many females at a mehndi function is the ‘Tikkiya’ design, which is simple, but looks very traditional. For the brides, girls who are professionally trained in the art of applying mehndi on hands and feet are called.

The Pakistani Mehndi functions are great fun. Music, laughter, dancing and good food are just some of the ingredients which make this particular wedding function, a function which is looked forward to with much anticipation.

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