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Panties For Guys | A Sensual Revolution

Updated on October 21, 2009

Guys. Blokes. Chaps. Men. Guys wearing panties, guys wearing lingerie, guys doing whatever they feel works for them. It's a great time to be alive if you're a guy who likes to wear panties or any kind of lingerie, for that matter. In spite of what scaremongers might say, we're living in one of the most open societies the world has ever seen at any time in its history.

That's not to say that we don't have work to do, or that things are perfect, they're not, but things are certainly heading in the right direction. Women were the first to fight for their liberation, and men are starting to catch on. Thousands of guys just like you read these lingerie articles every day, which tells me that the idea of equality for men on a lingerie level is growing, its spreading and its gaining strength.

Is it silly to bother about equality of lingerie for men? Certainly it seems frivilous when one considers the global recession, multiple wars, famine, disease and all the rest of it. But I would argue that it is not frivilous, because it fights for the inner part of man, the part which is so often hidden, subjugated and outrighht ignored in favor of more apparently pressing causes.

Wearing lingerie expresses a softness within a man, a willingness to embrace the feminine. Would we have so much needless agression in the world if men felt confident being balanced between their masculinity and feminine parts of their psyche?

The most popular of these articles have garnered many comments from men who love to wear lingerie. Many of them are straight, some of them identify as gay, others are somewhere in between. You only need to spend a little time browsing amongst the related hubs to see that men who wear lingerie are a significant and increasingly vocal group.

This isn't an adult site. This isn't some fringe publication. This is a major web community with hundreds of thousands of users, and when you men who love lingerie comment here, you're commenting to the world. That's why I put these articles here and not on my site The site is where we can really get down to the nitty gritty, but this is the place where men in lingerie stand up and show the world that they are not hiding in the corners anymore.

So add your voice, stand up and be counted! It may seem like a small thing to do, but every time you stand up for your right to wear lingerie, you move the world a little closer toward change.


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    • profile image

      hicutguy 8 years ago

      Hope, You are doing highly important work! As a straight male that has secretely sought to wear underthings beyond male norms for my entire conscious life, your hubs give me great comfort and assurance that my experience is far from unusual and may indeed be quite commonplace. Sign me up for the sensual revolution!

    • profile image

      Wren 8 years ago

      Another dead on articel! I love you Hubs! Please keep up the EXCELLENT work!