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Parenthood: What to Do

Updated on December 26, 2012

There is never a clear answer as to how parenting can be safe or sure. It depends all on the parents themselves, how they should raise their children, though there are a few guidelines they could and probably should follow.

It is important for a child from the moment he, or she is born, that the parents, both mother and father, interact with him, or her. The importance of this interactions, talking and nurturing the child with great love and care, can not be stressed enough. Without it, a child faces lifetime consequences that will be very difficult to rectify and cure, possibly to the point of needing a miracle, and could deeply effect the child's health, mental as well as physical.

Music will also be a fundamental and important tool for both parenting and education. By putting a child during early childhood, from the moment he, or she is born, in a music-enriched environment, parents could help establish their child's musical intelligence. As music, in some ways, connect with other intelligence such as Logical-mathematical, Linguistic, Spatial, Kinesthetic, etc., it can help with a child master things like patterns, how to move, language in different ways etc. It gets the child to be an active participant in learning and exploring many areas about themselves.

During the teenage years, which will probably be the most stressful period of a parent's life, it is important to have faith in the child, while always being there to guide him or her, and allow at least some freedom so that the child could make choices for him, or herself. A lot of times, the parents will have no choice but to trust that their child will make the right choices for themselves, even if that may be a hard thing to do. And sometimes, teenagers do make mistakes. In which case, as parents, help should be given so that the mistakes won't, for the long term, have negative affect on the child's life presently or beyond adolescence all the way to adulthood.

Sometimes, pushing helps, but always know that there is such a thing as pushing too much. It is best to give a child, especially during the teenage years, some personal space. Once in a while, a person, even a parent's child, would like some time to him or herself. What they want to do with that time is totally up to them.

As parents, it is up to them to guide their children into making choices that are right, without having to force it on them. Sometimes, a parent's own experience can be used in that field. It's their job to prepare children of the future and stress the consequences of wrong actions. As mentioned before, there is no clear answer. What comes will also depend on the child, as well as the parents. There can be many external influences out there that can be just as powerful as a parent's influence. For that, the parents must be prepared to counter those influences when need be.


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