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Paris Themed Wedding : Themes are a Whimsical Way To Celebrate Your Vows

Updated on August 24, 2012

Get Creative With Your French Themed Wedding

You can really up the WOW factor for your guests and really make your I DO day an event to remember with some fun planning and creative energy! If you are planning a wedding and want something a bit unconventional and fun, consider creating a wedding reception inspired by the beauty and intrigue of Paris, France. Your guests will have a ball and remember all of the special touches you created for years come.

Themed Weddings are a wonderful way to express yourself and ensure that your guests have an incredible experience full of unique memories. Beach themed, Carnival themed, French themed, Circus themed, farm themed.... the list of possibilities go on and on. Theme weddings also allow you to get creative and make your own decorations and wedding favors and this can make planning and paying for your wedding more fun and more affordable!

1. The Wedding Invitation

For a Paris Theme Wedding invitation, I'm thinking of beautiful, classically French prints for a classy and romantic touch to your affair. A toile print such as this one would be lovely, and you can find an example of pre-made invitations here.

A fun spin on the traditional wedding invitation could be to do an airplane ticket or passport style invitation to really clue guests in that your wedding is going to have an, um, far away theme :)

Another really untraditional way to invite guests to your wedding that will fit in with your Paris theme quite well would be to mail out either vintage or current Paris postcards with the details of your event in the message area...a very fun touch!

2. The Reception Location

When I consider a French, Paris themed wedding, I think of two different locations for a reception. Both are beautiful, subtle choices that will make for a lovely event and will tie in elegantly with your Paris inspired wedding theme.

-- find a flower garden in a park : for a real Spring in Paris feel, this affordable option will make for a really stunning late afternoon/early evening wedding.

-- rent a ballroom for a more formal and fancy feel. An elegant, large space such as a ballroom with a large dance floor will really lend itself well to Paris themed black, white, and pink (or blue?!) decorations.

3. Hors d'oeuvres

"A country producing almost 360 different types of cheese cannot die."
Winston Churchill, June 1940

--Okay, I've got to say here : Cheese, Cheese, and more Cheese! What an elegant and filling French hors d'oeuvre to offer your guests. Do a cheese theme for your hors d'oeuvres table and stick to French cheeses. You may even want to include display cards with a bit of information about each cheese. Serve the cheese with fresh fruits such as grapes and freshly sliced crusty baguettes for a yummy treat.

--Mini-Quiches would also be an excellent choice for cocktail hour and are always an easy-to-serve hit at weddings and parties.

4.The Wedding Favors

--France is known for its fine soaps, so why not send your guests home with a little treat ala France(it would also be a nice touch to provide some in the guest toilettes!)? You can find lots of small French soaps online using Google shopping, and here are some I found that seem affordable!

--Another fun, but slightly expensive, idea would be to send your guests home with miniature bottles of wine, as France is, after all, known for it's oh-so-fine wines.

5. The Fun

-- What says Paris or France more than a street mime? I remember walking the narrow streets of Montemarte and being entertained by mimes and street artists. Why not look into hiring a mime? It's sure to be a hit!

-- Another popular fixture in the artistic neighborhood of Montemarte in Paris are Chariacture artists. Hiring one to sit at a table and draw funny portraits during your wedding makes a wonderful gift to send your guests home with!

-- Depending on how big your wedding is, you might be able to do a wine tasting. This would be a fun way to get your guests talking and a nice twist on the alcohol portion of your day.

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    • Les Trois Chenes profile image

      Les Trois Chenes 

      7 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

      Lots of fun ideas and a great theme! Why not go one better and get married in France. There are many great veues here in beautiful Limousin, S W France. Cheap accommodation, good food and, of course, as you say, good wine.


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