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Patience--You Have Much Less Than You Think!

Updated on September 27, 2009

If love is the answer, you know the Question? you know the Question?

Here's the secret to great relationships, if you've got the patience...

When it comes to the other people in your life, what do you really know about them? That includes your family, friends, business associates, church members—everyone. You think you know your wife? Husband? Kids? Pastor? Banker? Doctor? The guy, woman, kid next door? Yourself?

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! You know nothing. Here’s why. The people in your life:

1. Won’t look far beyond their own self-interest, even if they tell you you’re all that matters to them. Like, while you’re in the sack.

2. Resent change and dislike newness, especially when they don’t perceive a direct benefit, and even then, not so much. Your new hairstyle, clothes, weight loss can be scary to those who know you best. If they ridicule you, it’s more for them than against you.

3. Usually forget the past and then, remember inaccurately. If you want them to remember, write it down, tape it, stamp it on their foreheads. Otherwise, blame yourself.

4. Will fight against before fighting for something. They are status quo habituated. (See no like change above.)

5. Won’t differ from the crowd unless certain the difference means superiority. And you can take this one to the bank. Ego runs high among those you think you know.

6. Will follow the path of least resistance (except in high emotion). You call it lazy; it happens to be the way of the beast, my friend.

7. Won’t act, even in important matters, unless heavily prompted and the reward is clearly visible, without restriction. You will need the big guns (whatever that means in your situation) here.

What’s the point of all this? Simple. Understanding all of this is how you learn patience. Actually, it’s only the beginning. It won’t be easy to deal with, especially since you have to live—on a day to day, tedious, arduous basis—with all those unbending, self-centered, almost immoveable folks in your world. But remember this:

They have to put up with you, too.

Now you know why patience is a virtue.

P.S. I can hardly wait to tell you this:

Patience means, basically, the capacity to endure delay. Do you have that capacity? If you do, you are among the exceptions. If you don’t, welcome to the club.

Here’s the paradox. It takes patience to move from impatient to patient. Sort of like a priori knowledge. Huh? That means gaining the knowledge before having the experience. Hard to do.

So, what’s the key? Simple. Acknowledge and accept your impatience. Claim it, even revel in it. The more you take hold of it, the less impact it will eventually have on your life.

I’ve read all kinds of literature, seen videos and DVDs, listened to the so-called experts, all telling you how to become more patient. But you don’t become a patient person by trying to become one. You become a patient person by accepting yourself just as you are—scars, warts, small penis, small breasts, everything. And if you have trouble accepting yourself, so what? It can take a while. You’ll start again tomorrow. In the mean time, you’re fine.

See? You’re already more patient.


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