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Patience in marriage! Top five benefits!

Updated on April 24, 2014

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” –Fawn Weaver

Patience is a virtue that makes your married life very easy to live. But sadly most couples do not possess it. Your impatience is the root cause for your marriage plunging to failure. Its importance in married life is so enormous and massive as it solves many problems you have with your spouse.

What do you do when you are impatient with your spouse?

  • You refuse to adjust
  • You begin unnecessary arguments.
  • You say words which hurt your spouse.
  • You make a big issue about the minor drawbacks of your spouse.

If you analyze your married life you understand that your impatience makes you come to rash decisions. When you talk and do things without thinking of the consequences, your spouse feels its negative impact intensely.

Do you know why you must be patient in marriage?

Patience is actually the core to a good marriage. The level of patience may vary from one couple to the other, but the level of stability it gives your marriage remains strong and valid. ‘Why should I be patient when my spouse needles me unnecessarily’, this is the common argument you hear in modern marriages. ‘Today’s youth are very intelligent, but very impatient’, my mother always tells me.

1. You do not have bitter fights

When you are patient, you hold back the hurting words ready to spill forth when you are agitated by your spouse. Your spouse might behave unreasonably, but your patience makes you glide through the heated situation with coolness which can be had only when you are patient.

Do you know harsh words make you feel bitter against your spouse? Why do you utter harsh words? It is because you do not have the patience to handle the minor issues that crop up in your marriage. Patience makes you refrain from giving bitter rejoinders to your heated up spouse and your fight peters to nothing.

2.You are careful with your money

You want to enjoy all the good things in life immediately, don’t you? The debit cards, charge cards and credit cards you possess make you feel rich, doesn’t it? You feel as though you have loads of virtual money in hand, when in actual fact you do not have it. In reality you are plunging yourself into debts when you use the plastic cards recklessly.

You want to keep pace with your friends\colleagues\relatives and want to prove that you are equal to them in status. You are impatient to buy the latest gadgets and other luxurious things others have without thinking about your capacity of repayment. Your willful spending gets you embroiled in a financial mess.

But when you are patient you realize what the need of the hour is and what can wait! So you spend intelligently and cleverly. You save and spend and not spend and regret! This patience saves you from many untoward arguments which arise because of the financial mess your impatience plunges you in.

3. You allow your spouse to do things his\her way.

Many couples complain that their spouse do have the patience to give them time to do things their way. Your spouse might be slow in getting ready for an outing or family function. It definitely gets on your nerves and if you yell and shout at your spouse, it makes him\her get wild at you.

But if you realize that everyone have different way of living life, you accept your spouse as he\she is. You do not get strung up by the petty disorganization of your spouse and so you enjoy your co-existence much better than when you are impatient.

4.You give your marriage time to succeed

Your marriage is never a success overnight. You need incredible patience to make your relationship mature and mellow into perfect understanding between both. Why do couples divorce after a few years of marriage? They do not have the patience to give time to make their marriage work.

You rashly decide that your marriage is a failure and that you cannot co-exist with your spouse any longer. Impatience is one of the top reasons for the high rate of divorces you see in today’s marriages.

5.There is peace in the family

Life of impatient couples is rife with verbal and physical abuse which is not at all good for your marriage. When you are impatient, the atmosphere at home is always heated up and an undercurrent of uneasiness is there.

But when you are patient, there is easy friendship between you and you are ready to give in without being egoistic. This spells success to your married life as there is mutual respect between you. When there is mutual respect, everything about your marriage is a wonderful experience.

Patience is a habit and can be developed by you. All that is needed is your intention to make your marriage work. When your spouse is impatient, you should practice patience and when you feel temperamental your spouse should bring forth her \his patience. It is a two way path!

© 2014 mathira


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    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada

      This is wonderful! It is so true that patience is super-important when making a marriage work. Hard to do, but oh so worth it. Thanks for an excellent article. Take care.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      All the five benefits you mention are worth the patience they require. Thank you for sharing these insights.