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Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Updated on June 1, 2011
Adiamor Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Adiamor Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a special time for a young couple. It's a celebration of love, devotion and the willingness to spend the rest of your life with someone. But getting engaged can also be expensive. The old saying states that an engagement ring should cost two months salary, but everyone can do that. So how does one find a beautiful engagement ring without breaking the bank? Pave diamond engagement rings do just that. They're beautiful, enchanting, and most of the time less expensive than a traditional diamond solitaire ring.

When you think of pave diamond engagement rings, think of a cobblestone road. The surface of the ring is prepared with several small drilled holes where tiny diamonds are placed, giving it the appearance of an old cobblestone road literally paved with diamonds (hence the name). Shopping for a pave diamond engagement ring is just like shopping for a solitaire diamond ring, but with different rules.

First thing to look for is quality. Bring a magnifying glass with you when shopping for a pave diamond engagement ring or ask for a jeweler's loupe. Take the magnifying glass or the loupe and look to see that the diamonds are spaced equally apart. Then rub a finger over the pave. There should be a fluent, consistent feel. If there are some diamonds that 'stick up' more than others, then there is a chance that the diamonds are improperly placed or that the holes were not drilled properly. This makes losing a diamond more likely.

Also look for the beauty in the diamonds. Even though they're smaller, they should still be cut properly. If the diamonds are cut incorrectly, they'll appear dull and boring. Color is important as well. If one diamond appears more yellow than the rest, the overall look is affected. It only takes one diamond to ruin the ring as a whole. Think consistency.

Even though pave diamond engagement rings are a less-expensive alternative, know that the price comes not from the diamonds or the metal used for the ring but from the time and effort it took to cut and set the diamonds properly. There is even a fairly new technique called micro-pave where very tiny diamonds are placed into a pave setting with a microscope. These not only take more effort and skill, but will cost a little more as well. A very skilled pave or micro-pave diamond setter can produce a work of art that might just cost more than a solitaire ring!

Finally, only buy a pave diamond engagement ring from a licensed jeweler. They can help make sure the diamonds are consistent, secure, and of good quality. Also buying from a jeweler means there's more of a chance that the diamonds are real and not cubic zirconium. Most jewelers can offer a warranty as well. This is a good idea with a pave ring because a warranty can cover a lost diamond, general upkeep, and any repairs that may be needed.

Although they are usually less expensive, price doesn't take away the beauty of a pave diamond engagement ring. They can truly be a work of art created by a master craftsman. Pave diamonds engagement rings are a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Three Designs for Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

There are three design options for pave diamond engagement rings.

1. The first is the single band with diamonds that cover it all the way around. This design makes it so that all you see is diamonds and it doesn't even look like a band is there. On this there is a center stone that is just surrounded by a row of diamonds.

2. The second is a much wider band with two or more pave diamond rows surrounding the center stone.

3. The third is just the band which is very popular for eternity or anniversary.

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings - Examples

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Band
Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Band

Books on Pave Diamond Engagement Rings


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