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Pay Homage To Your Culture By Planning A Marriage At Asian Wedding Venues In London

Updated on July 4, 2013

How To Plan An Oriental Wedding

An Asian wedding in London includes a number of cultural elements to consider during the planning. How much tradition you want to include and what part of Asia you are from, all have direct effect on your planning. Decisions such as the venue, wedding attire, decorations, and ideas can differ for various Asian weddings. While organising your wedding in London do some research and find out how you can accomplish an Asian theme with right food and décor.

With a wealth of Asian wedding venues in London, it will be a great idea to pay homage to your culture in a foreign land. Realising the requirements of their hosts, these venues have sprung themselves with special Oriental wedding features.

Here is an important checklist for arranging Oriental weddings in London venues:

Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Asian weddings feature many customs and rituals that date back hundreds of years ago. Although these rituals and traditions are old, but their appeal and meaning have never lost their touch. The meaningful gestures and customs do influence the ceremony and reception.


A Japanese bride wears purple colour kimono in her wedding, as purple is the colour of love in Japan. The iris flowers adorned on the kimono symbolise good fortune. As a part of custom, it is necessary for the family of both groom and bride to enter the ceremony hall with gifts like rice water, fruits, or salt.

Traditional Indian Hindu Wedding


In India, wedding is usually a lavish weeklong celebration. Head of the family decides the date of marriage, after consulting the priest or astrologist. According to the tradition, the second day is Mehndi ceremony, where the bride and her friends have intricate tattoos drawn on their hands and feet. Flowers are an important part of tradition in Indian weddings. Both the bride and groom wear floral headpieces through the ceremony. The weddings in India are known to have 500 plus guests too.


Chinese brides choose to wear red dress, as red is the colour to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck. Most of the bridal dresses have embroidered golden phoenix or dragon for representing female and male powers. Holding an umbrella is believed to protect the couple in their married life.

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Create a magical day at wedding venues in London to bring your Asian heritage to life. If you are not sure how to decorate the venue, here are few tips to add creativity to your ceremony:

Chinese Lanterns

Red is the colour of good luck in China. So sprinkle red Chinese lanterns all over your London venue. Buy some miniature of big size red lanterns and drape them from twigs in a vase. Seven to eight red lanterns in the centre of the table will give a modern yet simple look to the venue.

Bonsai Trees

Artificial Bonsai trees are wonderful to create a simple yet dazzling décor in the venue. You can place them on guest tables or use them as centrepiece. Artificial trees with lights are available too, creating a magic look after the sun goes down.

The Mandap

The Mandap is a top focal point in all Indian weddings. This groom and bride table will create a eye-catching effect on your guests. Decorate this space using colourful flowers, garlands, lanterns, or candlelights. Draped fabric is a more contemporary idea to decorate a Mandap for your Oriental style wedding.


Whether you plan a small and intimate or grand Asian extravaganza, choosing a wedding theme is always important. Think of new ideas and turn your concept into a reality to suit your budget. The event staffs at various London venues are always at your service to implement your ideas according to your needs. Here are top Asian wedding themes that you try for your marriage:

Japanese Pearl Theme

It may be the perfect theme for your venue that can be accomplished within no time. To make the atmosphere striking, use draped centrepieces locked in costume pearls. Stuff these vases using ostrich feathers. Fill the entire room with some gleaming balloons in pale pink, ivory, and pearl gray colours.

Asian Pacific Theme

Adorned the wedding venue with swirling glass flotation balls and fishing nets. Put some artificial pearls into big oyster shells and scatter them across the room. Name each table with different tree varieties including Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, and others. You can also serve some traditional foods like sweet dumplings, sushi, and sakura blossom tea.

Asian-Fusion Theme

Whether it is a Chinese nuptial, or Indian marriage in London, Asian fusion weddings tend to take the best from both worlds. While arranging an Asian wedding in London venues, you can select a blend of both Occidental and Oriental cultures.


Food is an integral part of Oriental weddings. It can be light culinary delight or traditional meals, inviting your guests to enjoy their time at the wedding. Asian foods have cultural significance and symbolism, making an impact on the entire event.

Indian Food

Indians just love their food and what better than eating some freshly cooked spicy dishes at weddings. The London wedding venues offer skilled chefs and staff who can arrange for typical Indian cuisine at your reception. These venues provide you an extensive list of dishes to choose from for the event. Do not forget to arrange for some spicy tandoori chicken or paneer tikka on the night you want to remember.

Japanese Delicacies

For a Japanese wedding in the capital, try hiring some specialist sushi chef. You can plan to serve delicious lobsters and ducks too. If you wish to follow the tradition, go for red rice, rice wine, kelp, and sea bream.

Chinese Menu

A Chinese wedding pays attention to how many courses of food are served. You can follow the Chinese tradition and serve eight course meals, not including the desserts. Include apples, tea, seaweed, and lotus seeds to make it more traditional.

A wedding cake is also an important part of your décor. Go for the cake with double happiness topper and make your Asian wedding look out of this world at London venues.


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