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Peaks and pitfalls of dating between Western men and Filipina women

Updated on April 13, 2015

Beauty runs deep in the Philippines

Why am I here?

Hello all, I am an Australian guy who has been dating a girl from the Philippines for the last 4 months. We met online, I wasn't looking for anything specific but logged onto a chat program I saw advertised on Facebook, it was called Scout. I sent a few messages off to chat to people around the world but I found it quite boring and didn't spend much time on it.

I had sent a "Hi" to one girl and we started up a conversation that just flowed. She just happened to be from the Philippines. Now I am sure most have heard many stories about the Philippines and I must say it wasn't the first place I would have looked for a girlfriend but as we chatted we moved to Skype and really had a great time talking about all manner of things. We seemed to share the same goals and had the same tastes in music, I love music and she clued me into some stuff I'd never heard of as well as sharing some of my tastes.

So she was cute, smart and we could chat for ages but she lived an 8 hour flight away and I was concerned as there's that much talked about age gap. I have since overcome this as ours seems not too bad, her being nearly 30 and me being just over 40.

I liked this girl but knew chatting over a screen is a lot different to real life. I had the means and time available so after a few months I booked a trip to spend some time with her and see if we worked face to face. Our chatting had got a little serious but we both tried to keep our heads. The week we spent together seemed like a year but in a good way. It wasn't all roses as I had moments of stress where I doubted every notion going through my brain. The one thing we have been is brutally honest with all our thoughts and she showed a real strength that allayed any notions I had of her being too immature.

So now it's been a few more months and she finally has a tourist visa to visit and will spend 5 weeks here thanks to a very understanding boss giving her time off work. We are so glad for this visa as there are stories of it being very hard to get one and people need to go straight into prospective marriage visas just to spend time together. We didn't want this. We don't want this pressure. We want things to happen naturally. I guess this is a point of this hub, how does one go about strengthening a relationship where distance keeps you apart for long periods?

I was initially brought to Hubpages finding a very derogatory page, I went there seeking advice but just found very nasty people with very nasty ideas. I responded to this page with another Hub and will treat that as another matter, anyone is welcome to have a go at me at my other hub but I will try to keep this Hub free of abusive comments, Racism will not be allowed. That is not to say I want only the positives discussed here, that is pointless. I want the pros and the cons so we can learn. I know I'm not perfect just like anyone, I know my culture isn't perfect just like hers isn't. What I want to do is learn so that if we have a chance of something great we can make the best of it.

So do you have any constructive advice?

Is there any questions you may have?

I hope this might grow into something helpful, alas I am quite inexperienced with these pages so if anyone has advice on how to get my page seen by the target audience then please let me know too.

I hope for some interesting discourse in the future



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