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Have you wondered why some people are mean?

Updated on March 21, 2017

Most of Us Believe

The truth as anyone will vouch for is that people are mean, selfish and ruthless.

Somewhere..deep Down.. Yes!

But another less believed, old as the history of humanity is the fact that people are fundamentally good.


Yeah yeah, I dunno what I am talking about is what comes to your mind... but hold on. Let me explain myself.
Human is a complex being, of course, all living things are.. cell.. tissue.. organ.. organ system but when it comes to emotions, hands down humans are the most complex, or that’s so to us because we are one.


In every person, at least one emotion/thought is paramount that ultimately determines one’s nature or character. For most it is love. Yup, hold your horses, let me proceed. Love of oneself/family, in particular kids.

No on likes Change

People are afraid of change because they spend years building what they have and their love and attachment to it, makes it hard on them, makes them feel threatened.

We Are all Survivers

Now coming back to the real topic.. people are fundamentally good. Well.. I’ll cite examples and I want you to be smart enough to gain insight into what I am saying, because that dude, that will make your life a little bit simpler, happier and put faith back in humanity.
I explained that its love of something that is paramount, then again you have to understand that every human that is alive has survived.. yup “survived”.. by that I mean everyone is fighting his/ her own battle. If your boss has given you a hard time, I am sure his or her boss or even spouse must have given them a hard time. Trust me a happy person won’t ever, for no reason, be mean.

People Are Fundamentally Good..

Oh, honey, I am not straying off topic. I am just building the perspective. And what I am putting in here is nothing new.. the media banks on it and in fact thrives on it. Is it not that whenever a slumdog millionaire happens the viewer/audience/reader is all “aww” and up out in support. Have you ever seen a rapist being applauded? From what I have read even hardcore criminals shun them in prison.
Yes, we all are basically good at the core. Then why is it that we would soak tissues on strangers misery but be oblivious to help a person in our circle. Two things that stand most obvious.. love of what we hold dear and the fear of losing it. Lighting someone’s hearth from far is ok.. but what if that fire burns our own house!! Well.
For years I wondered why. I tried answering it here.
Tada.. :)

© 2017 honeyhere


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