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People can love with their whole heart, but screw up sometimes.

Updated on October 22, 2011

 People can love with their whole heart

but, screw up sometimes.

I often wondered why human play havoc with they life, to a point where it is unrepaired

And what do they do, next?   They first instinct is to find a way to fixed it.

However, sometimes things that are broken cannot be repaired.

Unfortunately, DREAMING and wishing that time would stand still or erasing your past, or even fast

 forwarding your life; this is just a fairy tale or a bad episode of a late night movie.

We just have to take responsibility for our own actions, and most of all our own lives, and do not

 expected others to bailed us out, whenever we screw up....

For instant thinking that our clergyman would help you

or our  $250-300 an hour therapist is going to make it better, and the list goes on.

Those are just temporary solution to a long life changing situation,  especially when you gave your

 heart and soul to the wrong man or woman.

Life will always be a grapple to grasped; as we continued to live and breathe in this world we called our

home.  Our favourite words is "I am sorry, so Sorry! I wouldn't do it again, Please forgive me, We can

 get through this, mistakes happen, it was only a one time thing.

What a laugh! what a life changing situation for most of us,  a train that we never know was coming at us. 

So screwing up someone Else's life for a short time of pleasure, Was it worth it?






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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      God bless you too, and thank you for stopping by and commenting... nd i agree with your comment(:)

    • haikutwinkle profile image

      haikutwinkle 6 years ago

      It takes great strength and courage to overcome the human weaknesses - ignorance, being true to oneself, accepting the truth (about oneself or the past), etc.

      The past can't be erased nor can life be fast-forwarded. The soul will find ways to fulfill its empty cups. May it choose to be authentic and true to its purpose in life.

      God Bless us all ;D

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      That's all we can do.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Darknlovely, it's amazing how you can wish and want and try. Yet things go awry. It's just amazing. Let's just keep trying. God bless!