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Perfect Wording Ideas for Your Wedding Favors

Updated on April 22, 2011

Wedding favors are just one of many details that brides and grooms need to deal with during the wedding planning. Sometimes, favors are easy to choose. A couple who met in the gym used 1 lb. dumbbells for favors, and another couple getting married on the beach in Cabo used cute seashell candles. Sometimes the favor choice is less obvious, which could be a good or bad thing. The good part is, just about any favor becomes cuter when a nice tag or label with clever or sentimental wording is added.

Basic Tags or Labels

Tags are a detail that can really enhance the look of your favors.  The key information to put on tags or labels is the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom.  If using tags that will not fit much text, make them medallion-style and dress them up with a monogram sticker; sealing wax with a monogram or character such as a fleur de lis or heart; or create your own symbol.  Design stickers yourself or use a site such as Type “monogram labels” into Google for other sticker resources, or go 3D and glue small silk flowers on one side of the tag, and use your computer to create small-print name and date details for the back of the tag.

Choose a shaped tag such as a shamrock for a March wedding, a shell for a beach theme, or a butterfly for spring.  Find a friend who has a die-cut machine, choose colored paper to match your theme, and you are in business!

Quotes or Special Poems

Use larger labels, small cards or parchment paper to create a poem that has special meaning for you, or write a special note to your guests to thank them for coming.  For small, intimate weddings, consider hand-writing a note to each couple or guest and adding it to the favor.  It could be on a card enclosed in a favor box or rolled up in a scroll and tied on the outside with matching cord.  Put a few lines of meaningful scripture on an oversized label in a nice font and add it to a favor box or bag of home-baked cookies.

Here are a few special poem examples to include with a favor:

Thank you for celebrating our wedding day.

As we share our vows, we just want to say,

These wedding memories will become a treasure,

And seeing you here is part of the pleasure.


Your presence on our special day

The memories will always stay

Held close to our hearts and treasured.

Tags that Work on Any Favor

Sometimes you know exactly what item you want to use as a favor, but still want a little dressing up with a tag or label. Adding a tag can definitely add personality to a favor.  You have probably seen “A Perfect Pair” on a set of two of anything, from matching salt shakers to pear-shaped soaps. Some other examples:

Something blue – blue compact

Filled with Joy – mini basket or bucket filled with Jordan almonds or other candies

Tastefully Yours – heart-shaped cookies or other edibles

Sweet Send Off – any candy or other sweet edible favor

For specific items, here are some ideas for sayings:

Honey – Meant to Bee

Homemade Jam – Spread the Love

Mini tape measure -Love beyond Measure

King and Queen chess pieces – Checkmate

Fortune cookies – Good Fortune

Olive You - on a bottle of gourmet olive oil

Many creative labeling opportunities exist for wedding favors. Let your personality shine through, and choose a favor and label that show guests the love you and your fiancé have for each other and your appreciation for their attendance at your special event.


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