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Does Persistence Pay Off?

Updated on November 29, 2010

Persistent people don't always win.  While it can often be a good trait to have, a persistent person is not always appreciated.  There is a fine line between having the courage to stand up for your beliefs versus refusing to listen to what someone else is telling you, in order to be stubborn and difficult.  Sometimes when you are persistent and not received well, you should know to back off.

When this trait is exhibited in people wanting to attract a mate, or just striking up a conversation in order to make platonic friends with another person, it can either be an admirable quality or a major turn-off.  What makes the difference is if the person who is persistent in doing or saying something doesn't care about the other person's feelings or discomfort.  No one wants to feel railroaded, belittled, or hounded.  This can be in getting someone to agree with your point, or wanting to be around you period.

I can think of many people in my life who feel that they are entitled to being around me.  While I can handle them in small doses, I don't enjoy being suffocated by their continually presence.  It would be nice if they could take the hint and leave me alone when I don't want to be bothered by them!  I am not sure why my silence seems to indicate that I want them to approach me!  In this case, it is that their persistence in trying to gain my attention does completely the opposite.  Instead, it serves to make them want to be even more and more persistent, as if that would win me over.  But it doesn't, and to this day it stumps them why they are not as well-liked by more people.

On the other hand, I have known individuals who are persistent in their beliefs so that they eventually got what they wanted - through hard work, upstanding morals, and a positive outlook.  Their persistence entitled them to job promotions, a fair price on a home, and marital bliss.  Whath often seems like the brink of failure has been turned around when the seed has been planted that even in troubled waters, something is worth saving.  That is a lesson in endurance and humility if I ever saw one!  In essence, all traits can be used for good or evil.  Our mission in life is to be able to know how best to use our emotions and traits in a manner that promotes positive thinking, resolution, and the ability to inspire others to greatness. 

The next time you encounter a persistent person, think about this: 

  • Is this person upholding what he or she feels is right or bullying you?
  • Is person an inspiration or a deterrent to you?

Then choose to learn from that person, share insights, or end the conversation.

When you are persistent, ask yourself:

  • How can you be an example to others by how you feel?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by being persistent?

Hopefully in carefully evaluating your emotions before they take control over you, you can learn how to use persistence to your advantage, and not use it in a harassing or deameaning way.


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