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Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts - What to Give the Bride

Updated on May 2, 2013

Below you'll find some ideas for personalized bridal shower gifts that are all about the Bride.

The happy couple will receive plenty of household-type gifts when they get married ... so ... for the bridal shower, any bride will really appreciate a luxury gift that makes her feel feminine, romantic and special.

Personalized bridal shower gifts that can be used by the bride just before her wedding, on the wedding night, on the honeymoon, or immediately on return from the honeymoon as the couple start married life are perfect.

Tips To Get Started

One approach is to choose a present to complement your wedding gift ... gourmet coffee if you are giving a coffee machine, or bubble bath if you are giving bathroom towels.

If you're planning to get the bride something a little saucy, naughty or very personal, it's a good idea to find out from the Maid of Honor who is going to be at the shower. You don't want to shock or offend anyone's elderly relative! Save the really risqué gifts for the bachelorette party.

The Maid of Honor should also be able to let you know if there is a theme, and also give you the bride's size and favorite colors if you need to know them for your gift.

Also, it's fine to get together with other guests, and chip in for a more expensive gift. You don't have to spend a fortune!

For Before Her Wedding

Naturally, the bride will want to feel and look her absolute best for her wedding.

You can help her feel great with the gift of a visit to the spa, a massage, or a manicure or pedicure. Most salons offer gift vouchers, or you could plan to take her personally. Alternatively, you could give her beauty products she can use at home as her wedding day approaches.

When the morning of her wedding arrives, the bride is going to feel quite nervous and excited.

To calm her nerves, you could give her a gift set of relaxing herbal teas (or perhaps a bottle of champagne and a personalized ice bucket might be more appreciated!).

A luxury robe is another gorgeous gift idea for the wedding morning. You can have it personalized with her name, or her initials ... you could choose the surname or initials she has before she gets married as a final keepsake of single life, or her surname or initials after she gets married as a symbol of the marriage to come.

For Using At Her Wedding

Most brides pretty much have their wedding totally organized. Still, there are some personalized bridal shower gifts that are appropriate and thoughtful for use on the wedding day.

A personalized wedding guest book is one idea - something the couple can keep as a memento of their wedding day.

You could also consider having a pair of champagne glasses or a cake knife engraved for the occasion.

For Her Wedding Night

Personalized bridal shower gifts for her wedding night should make the bride feel gorgeous and alluring, and convey a sense of occasion. It's a big night, after all!

The gift of a sensual negligee or some slinky lingerie will help set the scene. If it's more her style, you could give her some fun underwear or pyjamas.

Her favorite scent in a personalized perfume bottle is another romantic idea, or perhaps a CD of seductive music to set the mood ...You could also pack her a special hamper of exotic foods like caviar, nuts, antipasto items, gourmet chocolates, ... remember to only include foods that will keep without refrigeration.

For Her Honeymoon

The bride will need accessories for her honeymoon, no matter where the couple are going.

Depending on the destination, ideas could include a beach towel, sarong, flip-flops, a personalized beach tote, a hat, ugg boots or warm scarf.

A guide book or even a phrase book for the honeymoon would be thoughtful and useful.

For Her Newly-Married-Couple Home

Beautiful scented candles, massage oils and bubble bath all make great presents to bring a little sensual luxury to the new bride's home.

Consider getting her some large fluffy bath towels or some new bed linen.

To keep the romance at meal times, a breakfast tray, or a picnic basket or set and a big picnic rug are just right. You could include a book of recipes for sensational food.

A cocktail shaker along with an instruction book for exotic cocktails would also be fun.

Subscriptions to magazines about something she's really interested in are ideal personalized bridal shower gifts.

Alternatively, she might enjoy a membership to a monthly gift club for something like wine, flowers or chocolates.

Another membership gift idea is to a museum, gym or club.

Fun and Novelty Gift Ideas

For a keepsake that the bride will love, you could organize to purchase her a charm bracelet. Each guest at the wedding shower could then give her a charm. Charms could be something that represents that guest's relationship with the bride, or just something beautiful.

Naughty gifts can be a whole lot of fun, but remember still keep them tasteful for the bridal shower. You can always get something really raunchy for the bachelorette party.

Depending on how well you know the bride, you can tease her a little with a fun gift. For example, if she is renowned for being a hopeless cook, get her a book of "foolproof" recipes, or a fire blanket!

There is also a wide range of entertaining books available from cheeky recipe books to saucy instruction manuals!


Finding personalized bridal shower gifts should be fun ... it's about preparing the bride for her big day and for married life, but it's also about enjoying the lead up to the wedding. Hopefully this page has given you some ideas!

© 2013 fridayonmymind


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