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Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

Updated on January 11, 2011

The idea for this came while writing my previous hub—Engraved Trinket Boxes—which would make for good personalized bridesmaid gifts as well. Bridesmaids and your maid of honor are the most engaged people during the whole planning stage of weddings, and commemorating their commitment with something special should let them know you wouldn’t have done it without them.

A good way to do this is to get them a unique batch of wedding favors or souvenirs. Being that you, assuming that you are the one getting married, are already swamped with responsibility, you can opt for more traditional bridesmaid favors and add in a little personalization. You can get your entourage something uniform, to save time, and add in a little something to personalize the gift—e.g. engraving. Virtually anything can be personalized nowadays, and the only things that can limit you are your creativity, resourcefulness and time.

Ideas for personalized bridesmaid gifts

Before starting your quest, the first factor you would need to consider is the theme of your wedding. Weddings are formal in nature but times have changed and we have seen everything from casual to wacky, and everything in between.

If you’re planning a traditional and formal white wedding, it should follow that your bridesmaid favors should at least adhere to a minimum standard of classiness. You do not have to go expensive, just something that looks formal, even pseudo-expensive. Below are some ideas of bridesmaid gifts that can be personalized.

  • Trinket boxes
  • Compact mirrors
  • Photo frame (silver)
  • Heart locket and chain (or any engrave-able pendant)
  • Metal-lined notebook and pen
  • Cosmetic brush set (handbag size)
  • Semi-expensive silver pens
  • Hip ladies flasks (silver)
  • Engraved glasses (e.g. wine glass)
  • Metal paperweight
  • Silver key rings
  • Metal wine/champagne stopper

If you are planning a more casual or modern wedding, the choices are limitless. You can opt for anything under the sun as you are not limited with color choices. You can go colorful all you like and you can get more usable everyday items. Below are just a couple of personalize-able ideas to get you started.

  • Flip-flops (yes, and this is actually a common trend nowadays)
  • Totes, bags and clutches
  • Spa kits with vouchers
  • Mugs
  • Bears (stuffed toys)
  • Robes
  • Lighters
  • Colored ladies’ flasks
  • Colored coaster sets
  • Water bottles
  • Pashmina scarfs
  • Sweaters

Those mentioned above should be enough to get you started. There are a number of places and online stores you can get these from and most of them offer personalization options with their packages already, so you can it done with one go. Just make sure to have your bridesmaids’ names ready—tip: use their nicknames for a more personal touch.

For those in Europe

Here’s a tip, use “personalized” instead of “personalized” when searching for wedding favors and I guarantee you the search results will yield Europe-specific wedding favor stores.

Best of luck to you and your dream wedding.


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