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Personalized Romantic Valentine's Gifts for Her

Updated on January 19, 2014

Picking a gift for your loved ones can cause headache for days. Every woman has their own different needs and perception on gifts. Sometimes they do not look for expensive gifts, rather, they would pay more attention on your personal care and effort spent on getting that particular gift. 

All women loves romantic surprises (even she wouldn't admit it!), there are so much that you can do to surprise her with personalized romantic gifts. Below are 10 ideas for you.

1. Personalized Plush Stuffed Animals

Soft plush stuffed animals are already lovely to hug. To have a personalized one, you can embroider your name and/or her name on the stuffed animal; or put on a t-shirt with personalized message for the stuff animal; or even get one that you can record your own voice and message with.

If you feel like challenging yourself, the most touching scenario would be making the soft animal from scratch by yourself. There are material packs available to make your own stuffed or plush animals. You can further personalize the animal with embroidery or anything that can bring mutual meanings to both of you.

2. Digital Photo frame

Get a digital photo frame and load photos that present your mutual memories into it. When your loved one received it and switches it on, what she sees is a warm and adorable photo frame instead of cold electronic gadget.

3. Homemade Cards

Whether it is a Christmas card, birthday card or anniversary card, anything you made with your own hands would be much more appreciated than a card you pick from Hallmark for instance.

Try to squeeze your creativity into the card. You can decide the card size, the font type (your hand-writing) and color, all by yourself. If you need some help, you can also use 'hand-made card kits' to assist you.

4. Personalized Flower Bouquet

You can always make a lady smile with flowers. Think about what her favorite chocolate or cartoon character is. Ask your florist to pack you a bunch of flower made with chocolates or any other stuff that she loves.

If you are handy with flower and accessories, why not create your own bunch by creating something completely from cratch by yourself? Get some DIY kits online to help yourself. You can also combine flowers with your personalized stuffed toy!

5. Personalized Kindle, Ipad or Smartphone

This idea is similar to the digital photo frame idea, yet even more personal, as the gadget belongs to her only. You can get her a kindle, Ipad or any smart phones, and then personalize the gadget for her by doing all the set ups, like loading her favorite music, e-books, your photos, or any stuff that can think of.

6. Form Your Own Chocolate Message

Next to chocolate flowers, you can also make you own chocolate letters and then form a sweet message for your sweetheart. You can make letter and form as easy as ‘I LOVE U’ or some other messages.

Get a chocolate mold and make your own chocolate, or get ready-made chocolate letters.You can get these chocholate making appliances quite easily from local baking shops or buy it online.

Form Your Own Chocolate Letter Messages!
Form Your Own Chocolate Letter Messages!

7. Personalized Jewelry and Accessories

This is quite an easy option isn't it? There are dozens of necklaces, bracelets where you can put your lovers name on it, or form a message for her. Below are just some examples, check out more in Amazon or other selling platforms to get an idea.

Carrie's Personalized Necklace from Sex and the City

8. Personalized Jewelry Box

You can engrave jewelry box to make it a truly personal jewelry box for your loved ones. If you want to create more surprises, put a piece of jewelry in the box. You can use the same idea to propose to her as well!

9. Leave Personal Messages in an Agenda

If your lover uses paper agenda, get her a new one and leave some love notes here and there in the agenda. It would be one of the sweetest things when she finds out your notes on some pages of her agenda.

Leave a Love Note to your Sweet One
Leave a Love Note to your Sweet One

10. Personalized Scarf

Get her a warm and soft cashmere scarf with her initials or other messages embroidered on. The scarf would definitely be extra warm for her.

Alternatively, you might also try knitting one! Arm-knit scarf has gain its popularity thanks to the quick and easy knitting method. Check out the video and produce your arm-knitted scarf in less than an hour!

How to Arm-Knit a Scarf in 30 Minutes

In short…

Women appreciates every little things that you would try to do for her, even the end-result do not look professional (imagine your first time handmade bear?). They will still be happy and surprise to receive your personalized romantic gifts.

If you need some more gift ideas, check out another hub on beauty gadgets for her here.


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    • Moxyl profile image

      Moxyl 6 years ago from Global Village

      Thanks Betty for reading my hubs! And yeh, we don't mind receiving any of these gifts right?

    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 6 years ago from Texas

      Great ideas. I love personalized gifts. Those chocolates are especially cool.