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Phil Roberston, Duck Dynasty, and the Anti-gay Comments

Updated on December 20, 2013

I don't watch Duck Dynasty, knew nothing about it (in fact, thought is was about hunting ducks) and the few times I stumbled onto the A&E show while surfing channels, thought is was the most lame, stupid, TV show and refused to waste time on it. I had never heard of the leading role, Phil Roberston, a devout redneck and ultra-right nut much like the ultra conservative Muslim who force women into subservient roles that demean them.

I know some that simply love this idiot show and find some of things it does as funny and entertaining. I don't get it, no one is that stupid, not even a redneck, right? So, much of it is just for ratings and entertainment for a certain type of person. Being so popular, I guess there are a lot of them! In a way, the TV show demeans rednecks.

However, although Robertson looks like a Muslim or Taliban, what he said is supported and has been supported by the Bible for eons. Scriptures can be argued with and interpreted in different ways to support an argument. Had this been said 10 years ago, not much would be in controversy, but because the world has more than less embraced Gay rights, this group wants to make sure their voice is heard.

Does being a gay person lead to beastiality? Probably no more than a straight would. Both the straight and gay cultures embrace odd and disgusting perversions. Why is seeing two women making love more accepted to straights than seeing two men screw each other? That is a perversion also. Seeing anyone have sex with an animal is beyond being disgusting. I think almost everyone would agree with this.

Of course, A&E network has its own rights as well from a business POV. The TV show has a large following, advertisers get a good bang for the buck, which is all they care about. The network has a public image to keep by not offending gay viewers (do they REALLY watch this show?) so they have taken Phil Robertson off the show. Since he is the star, ratings may drop, which could force A&E to reinstate him.

Phil also has the right to Freedom of Speech, to express his views and to support them with the Bible. His comments were made away from the TV show and the video of him while a church is entirely private not public. So what? Preachers have long made the argument that the Bible does not allow homosexuals into heaven,

The LGBT community has a right to bitch about it and rant. That is their freedom of speech. But, the LGBT world thinks their way of life must be accepted by all. Wrong!

So, everyone should be happy. Everyone has their right to express their views, the network has a right to fire Robertson and reinstate him when Duck Dynasty ratings fall, TV advertisers can do nothing or pull their ads.

This is all VERY petulant and trite over a lame TV show about rednecks.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      I have tried to watch it, it's just too lame,dumb for me.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      The man has at least one masters degree. I don't know what my kids think is so funny about it, but the 32, 30, 26 and 21 year olds love it. And 3 of the 4 were raise in the bay area. The eldest is a Northwestern Ivy leaguer all the way.