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The Importance of Wedding Themes

Updated on July 2, 2013
Coloured cup cakes/wedding cake
Coloured cup cakes/wedding cake

How to pick a theme

Firstly, my advise is go with your instincts. You already know what you love so don't be dazzled by other peoples opinions. If you love natural soft tones, go for it! If you have an affinity for all things theatrical, work it into your theme. This could be the one day of your life when you can express your tastes so don't squander it by listening to....."well at my wedding we had.."

Be organised

Collect your ideas well before you start browsing on-line for table decorations. You'll find it easier to sift through the mountains of products competing for your attention if you already know what you want.

Where to start?

There is no need to be overwhelmed!

If you have already found one thing you love, a table decoration, the dress, the flowers, you have already taken the first step. Analyse why you made buy, what it was that made you smile and realise you had to have it

Have you picked a venue?

Where you get married can often have a huge influence on your theme. Picture items against the setting you already have.

Ask for ideas

A great excuse to get together with all of your bridesmaids! Ask them to collect examples of ides to show you, pour some wine and make it a social event!

Go to a wedding fair

Often a great source of inspiration and so convenient! If you haven't yet visited a wedding fair I would recommend you do. You can often pick up samples and qualify for discounts from local suppliers. Even if you don't find anything you like there is always a lovely atmosphere as the place is literally filled with couples excited about their big day!

Ask companies how they can customise to your event

Most companies in the wedding industry will happily fit in with your ideas, in fact many encourage it!

Create a mood board

Yes, I know it seems like the kind of thing "other people" do but it can be a brilliant way of collecting your thoughts. You should LOVE your mood board, it should make you feel excited whenever you look at it as it should be filled with your favourite things.

Pinterest is perfect for an on-line collection of gorgeousness or see the link on the right for details on how to make a traditional, tactile version.

Example of a beach theme

customised photo strip
customised photo strip | Source

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