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Picking up Chinese Woman

Updated on March 9, 2012

Some men love the look and mystery of Chinese woman. They go crazy looking deep into the eyes of these very beautiful women. The problem though is that they do not know how to attract Chinese woman. One of the things that limit the ability is communication. Chinese is a very hard language to learn. Lucky for us in China, English is considered an essential course in most schools. The business world primarily runs in English so when you do meet a beautiful woman you can surprise her will a little Chinese of your own.

Phrase: Wo zhen xi huan nide yifu

"You look great in your clothes"

Phrase: Wo jiu de ni shi hao de ren

"You are a wonderful person"

Phrase: Wo hen gao xin ren shi ni!

"It is so wonderful to meet you/know you"

There is a lot of difference in the meaning of Chinese words and sentences compared to English. So, when you translate certain aspects of the Chinese language they sound perfectly normal. But, others may sound unconventional in the English language. But, the effect they have on complimenting a very beautiful Chinese woman is the same.

Let’s take a look at each of the phrases above:

Phrase 1: If, there is one commonality with woman from every woman on planet earth they all want to know that they look beautiful. Telling a Chinese woman in their native language is often a sign of great respect and admiration and they would love to hear from you.

Phrase 2: People love to hear compliments about themselves this is no different for a beautiful Chinese woman. When you say to your love that they are a “good person”. You say it sincerely and mean that they are the loving person you say they are. This is why Chinese woman love to hear this phrase. It means that you have seen the good in her and that to see it, you must have the good quality too. So, having something in common along with telling her, she is a wonderful person will get you on the right patch of trust.

Phrase 3: Chinese woman want to feel secure with themselves, and their partners. So, telling them that it is wonderful to know her in Chinese helps them understand that you are not searching for just a one night stand. This builds confidence in your relationship to the one you chose.

Getting a good grasp or just a basic understanding of the language of the person hat you are trying to relate with can open many doors. You do not need to be a master of the language, but if you are sincerely trying to impress your new love nothing does it better than her native language.


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    this is true alot of woman are the samall over the world. however, there are significant differances in culture, traditions, and family values that other nations woman do not have. This makes evey woman unique, beautiful and wonderful..

  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 6 years ago

    Chinese women don't seem much different than any other woman in the world - love, security - and to think their partner believes them to be beautiful - inside and out! O, yeah, baby! We ain't all that much different!