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How Ugly Guys Can Pick Up Chicks

Updated on February 8, 2013

If you are wealthy, tall, muscular and good looking, you do not need to read this article. However, if your body is less than perfect, your height not what you had hoped for and wealth has eluded you, then this article is for you.

It is not difficult to woo women when you are rich and good looking. As anyone who is rich and good looking will tell you, they have to beat women off with a stick. For those of us who do not have these qualifications, we find no need for a stick. Just because you lack wealth and good physical qualities does not mean you have to be alone. To end your loneliness, you have two choices, first choice, get a dog, second choice, pick up chicks.

Assuming you chose door number two, you probably would like me to tell you how a guy like you can date nice women and maybe even fall in love. First, let us deal with appearance. If you are fat, I hope you like fat chicks. If you are short, you will not be dating chicks taller than you. If you are a slob, guess what? Yes, that is correct; you are ripe for a female pig. I know you want to meet another pig like yourself so I want to say; good luck with that.

Assuming you are not a pig, the first thing you must do is prepare yourself to meet women by practicing good grooming. Bath and shave every day, brush your teeth and make sure your breath is fresh. Wear a good deodorant and no aftershave or cologne. Dress according to your age, the time of day and place. You don’t have to have fancy clothes, but they should be clean and cared for. First impressions do count. If you do not look like you can take care of yourself you are sending a message that you cannot take care of a woman. By the way, if you have not had training in proper manners and etiquette, now is the time. Ignorance and bad manners are never attractive. Read a book on good manners and practice what you have learnt.

The next step is to know where to meet women. Forget about work, you will only embarrass yourself and create HR problems. Bars suck because you are meeting women who like to drink and smoke. Some are nice, but most are looking for rich handsome guys. The best way to meet women is to join groups on Meetup or other social sites where you can meet women who share your interests. This way you meet them in a group setting and there is no pressure on you. You can be yourself and talk to the women in the group to see which ones you may be interested in, and which ones may be interested in you. In addition, volunteer at a charity of your choice. You will meet interesting people and you will become a more interesting person. It will give you confidence when you help other people, and when you help others, loneliness disappears of itself.

For those of you who are shy, I have to tell you to put your ego aside, free your mind from fear and face the prospect of rejection. No, let me change that. Face the reality that many women are not going to say yes to you when you ask them out. But some will, and maybe the right one.

You have cleaned up, mannered up and are now volunteering at a charity. Congratulations, you already are more handsome and interesting than before. Now the question arises; “What do I say to pi ck up a woman and not look the fool?” It is really, quite simple; “My name is (say your name). I think you are a very attractive woman and I would like to speak with you for a few minutes. “ It’s that simple. If she is interested she will say yes, if not, after she makes her excuses, be gracious and wish her a pleasant day. Be prepared that many women will reject you. It is not important how many reject you; it is only important how many accept you.

Now that you have started a conversation, you may not know what to talk about. This is also simple, talk about her. Do not ask her any personal questions. Just be your pleasant self and keep the subjects light. No politics, religion or sports unless she brings them up. After a few minutes, if things are going well, ask her to join you for a coffee or tea. If she says she does not have time, ask her; “When would it be a good time to meet?” At this point if she is interested she will go have coffee or she will tell you when she wants to meet. If she tells you she will meet you at a particular time, do not ask for her number. If she wants you to call her, she will give you her number. If not, oh well, Next!

When you have finally succeeded into picking up a nice lady, enjoy the time and remember the more you talk about you, the more boring you are. Let her talk, listen to what she says and comment appropriately. If you must talk about yourself, talk about your involvement in the charity you work with. Good works are always interesting and it shows a side of you that will be attractive to most women.

Now it is up to you; if it is the right girl, you will feel comfortable talking with her and conversation will be easy and enjoyable. Happiness is when you are with a woman who loves you for who you are. Her happiness is when who you are the man she has been waiting her whole life to meet.

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