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Picture Perfect and Positive

Updated on June 20, 2011

Picture Perfect and Positive

Picture Perfect and Positive

Remaining positive is difficult in trying times. Most people do not want anyone to know their woes so they remain picture perfect. I find this difficult because sooner; or later the person is going to explode with some type of anger. Or the person may decide to end their life depending on what they plan to do. A plan is dangerous when it comes to contemplating suicide. Immediate professional help is needed.

It is healthy to share one's woes sometimes especially when the woes have gotten bigger. People need to talk with others when it comes to marital breakups, new moves, highs stress situations

at work, being fired from the job, loosing a loved one to death or a lost relationship that ended. The loss of a friendship, and just feeling alone can be a problem. People need to receive professional help when suicide is on the mind. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is when there is no foreseeable light; that this feeling of despair, or woes, needs professional guidance.

Everyone needs to talk and to share his or her feelings from time to time. Key stress areas such as; change of employment can lead to clinical depression; which shows itself as loss of appetite, mood-swings, inability to sleep at night, and wanting to sleep all the time during the day. Not being able to concentrate and appearing apathetic, and not caring about what is going on in around one's self and the world; are signs of clinical depression.

Picture perfect is not the way to go for any of us. It is better to have stuck "the foot in the mouth" then not saying anything at all.

So when a loved one wants to talk and share their feelings...listen to him or her. Listening is the key to healing as well as talking. Be positive and share your feelings and by all means feel that you are not alone in this world...we all share the journey together.

Being Positive


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    • gajanis786 profile image


      7 years ago

      Good ....I agree that we need to give time and moral as well as physical support to all these people to make them forget their worries and pains.Thanks.

    • Tusitala Tom profile image

      Tom Ware 

      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      It is very true that a great many people find life very difficult to cope with. This is especially so when one is in that age when childhood has finished but real adulthood is yet to begin. I'm thinking of those years between, say thirteen and twenty. One is not worldly wise, or even particularly articulate and not inclined to seek out helpful advice from an adult...and almost certainly not from a parent or parents who, to their mind, might be part of the problem anyway.

      I'm pretty sure that organizations such as Kid's Lifeline and the like help to an enormous degree, but maybe what is needed is for workshops to be run in high schools to point out that ALL of us - or certainly MOST of us - go through these inner turmoils for time to time and that, no, the problem isn't unique and theirs alone.


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