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Hot Pinky Pink Lingerie

Updated on July 6, 2017

Trying On Different Lingerie Textiles

Hot Pink Lycra Corset.  The bottoms are a matching zipper front boy short.
Hot Pink Lycra Corset. The bottoms are a matching zipper front boy short. | Source

What is Your Lingerie Color?

What is your favorite color of lingerie to wear?

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The Language of Feminine Love

  • What is a woman trying to tell her lover when she chooses to wear a pink bra?

According to a survey conducted in 2010, women who wear pink bras are of the submissive side. It was suggested that when a woman chooses to wear a pink bra, she is actually telling her partner that she is in need of romance and affection. The survey also suggested that women who wear pink lingerie, are generally feminine and often sensual people. According to the same survey, women who wore black tended to be passionate and sultry mistresses. While women who wore the warm hues of red, orange, or yellow were willing to be adventurous and exciting but still, submissive in the bedroom.

The color of some lingerie, works the same on male subconsciousness as does the color irrespective of the sexual aspect. Males associate the color pink with females. Present a man with a picture of something pink, he automatically thinks girl. No one can say with certainty if a pink bra is telling him that his lover is feeling sensual however, he will associate a feminine aspect to her look. When some men see the color red, it has been documented that their heart beat, body temperature, and blood pressure increases. But what was interesting was the fact that the same body functions increased whether he saw a woman in red or a red race car.

Pink Ball Socks and Thigh Highs

 Hot Pink Tube Socks
Hot Pink Tube Socks | Source
White Thigh High Ball Socks
White Thigh High Ball Socks | Source

Pink Corset to Wear With Jeans

A beautiful pink bustier can cost $80.00 to $160.00 USD.  Can you believe that this is a cake?  I love it!!
A beautiful pink bustier can cost $80.00 to $160.00 USD. Can you believe that this is a cake? I love it!! | Source

Spice Level of Pink Lingerie

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Helpful Lingerie Romance Tip

  • A great way to break away from the normal bedtime routine, without really going to that much trouble, is by adding accessory apparel. So many female partners forget that romance and love, do not come easy, and should be pampered from time to time. Our male lovers need to be romanced from time to time just as much as we do. Adding a little spice into the mix, shows him how much you love him and that he is really worth keeping. I highly recommend you try adding at least a pair of hot pink ball socks or thigh highs to your lingerie wardrobe. You will be glad you did it, and besides socks are cheap ($12.99USD average price for a pair of knee high ball socks)!
  • It also never hurts to wear a pair of short, short, hot pink runner shorts when mopping or vacuuming around your man. This little tip inspires the role playing side that many men desire, and keeps the marriage fresh and revived. Men love sports and they love every aspect about the game. Sports attire, cheerleaders, and uniforms are all a big part of watching a sporting event. This Sunday, do not let some other cheerleader steal your thunder. Wear a pair of short, short, hot pink, runner shorts, and watch his head turn as you walk by. You might find that the ball game is saved for another time, since you have graciously supplied your man, all he wants to see.

Sexy Heels Found in Pink

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Here is a Little Hot Trivia About the Color Pink?

  • The most common shade of pink, used in FengShui decorating style is soft pink. Since soft pink hues represent love and marriage in a home, the color should be used in the southwest area of any given room. Earth is the southwest element in FengShui. When mixing the elements of earth and fire, use magenta pink and bright orange color combinations. It is believed that mixing these two color combinations, in the southwest area of a room will create open passion and fiery energy.
  • When people see the color pink, your brain automatically associates the color with particular words. The most common words thought of are: Salmon, passion, love, bridesmaid, coral, hot, blush, flushed, lips, flamingo, roses, baby, girl, sexy, marriage, peace, gentleness and pleasure.
  • In Japan, the "Porn" industry is called the "Pink" industry.
  • The color of October's birthstone is pink.
  • A pink color ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer.
  • In the Christian religion, rose color pink is the symbol to rejoice. It is the color used when rejoicing Jesus' love on the 3rd Sunday during the Christian Advent and the 4th Sunday of Lent. In honor this day, a pink colored candle is lit. rejoicing.
  • During the Nazi holocaust homosexuals were made to wear pink garments.


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  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 3 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Thanks! I love wearing lingerie and one day, I was curious about why I wore mostly the same color. I wanted to know what it was I was trying to say. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by to read my hub.


  • NateB11 profile image

    Nathan Bernardo 3 years ago from California, United States of America

    I can personally attest that, when worn by a woman, red or pink definitely have those effects you mention. I find this subject fascinating, not just personally, but because it's interesting subject matter; how looks are enhanced by what is worn and how it affects the mind and body. Your facts are as interesting as the basic subject matter here. Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image

    milon007 5 years ago

    I read and really impressed form your topic about Breast Cancer. It's very comprehensive and informative and helpful for us. I was looking information about , I am very happy to read it. Thanks for sharing.....

  • viryabo profile image

    viryabo 8 years ago

    These pictures are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.. I personally love pink and i am mesmerised, with a broad smile stuck on my face, just looking through these photos.

    Wonderful hub.