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Planning a Cherry Blossom Wedding

Updated on July 26, 2010
Cherry Blossom Ceremony Accessories from Wedding Favors Unlimited.
Cherry Blossom Ceremony Accessories from Wedding Favors Unlimited.

Choosing a Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

Cherry blossoms range in color from pure white to deep pink. They are a beautifully fragrant flower and carry symbolic meaning in many cultures. The Japanese cherry blossom (sakura) blooms so briefly that the flower has come to symbolize how short life is Japanese culture also connects cherry blossoms to innocence, spring and simplicity. The Chinese believe that a cherry blossom signifies feminine beauty and sexuality. Since Japan gifted more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees to the United States in 1912, US culture very often depicts the cherry blossom as a sign of friendship.

Cherry blossoms are currently grown in a number of countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Philippines, South Korea, China and Japan. Besides being used for floral displays, the cherry blossom is also used in Japanese cooking - pickled blossoms are used to flavor sweet bread or are steeped in hot water in place of tea leaves.

Cherry Blossoms are quickly becoming a popular flower for wedding themes - not only because of their beauty in bridal bouquets, but because of their symbolism and the beautiful color schemes that can be created around the blooms. I recently attended a chocolate and pink wedding where the bride and groom cherry blossoms throughout their decorating. I loved the symbolism and the trendy flower that was used instead of more traditional roses or lilies.

Cherry Blossom Colors

Cherry Blossom Colors

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Cherry Blossom Stationery

Beginning with their invitations, my friends used their cherry blossom theme along with a chocolate and pink color scheme to set the tone for their wedding day. The invitations arrived in a deep brown envelope and were addressed with golden ink. They had created cherry blossom stamps, and the sticker used to seal the envelope displayed the bride and groom's names along with a cherry blossom branch. The invitation itself was printed on white cardstock, and it displayed a blooming cherry blossom branch covered in deep pink flowers.

When we arrived at the wedding, the blooming cherry blossom on the programs matched the design on our friends' invitations. The placecards also displayed the same floral motif, as did the thank you card we received after the wedding. A near-exact replica of the floral design was also used in each bridesmaid bouquet - my girlfriend found some beautiful silk cherry blossoms at a local craft store and wove the branch together with some delicate white bell flowers.

Cherry Blossom Decorating Ideas

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Frosted glass coasters with chocolate and pink cherry blossom packaging.Cherry Blossom place cards with plantable wildflower seeds.Indoor/Outdoor disposable camera.Personalized Save The Date Cards.Cherry blossom place card holders/favor boxes.Personalized favor sticker or stationery seal.
Frosted glass coasters with chocolate and pink cherry blossom packaging.
Frosted glass coasters with chocolate and pink cherry blossom packaging.
Cherry Blossom place cards with plantable wildflower seeds.
Cherry Blossom place cards with plantable wildflower seeds.
Indoor/Outdoor disposable camera.
Indoor/Outdoor disposable camera.
Personalized Save The Date Cards.
Personalized Save The Date Cards.
Cherry blossom place card holders/favor boxes.
Cherry blossom place card holders/favor boxes.
Personalized favor sticker or stationery seal.
Personalized favor sticker or stationery seal.

Decorating for a Cherry Blossom Reception

When decorating for your reception, you can make your Cherry Blossom theme prominent or you can choose to add subtle touches to perk up the venue. At my friends' wedding they chose the more subtle approach by using cherry blossom centerpieces and personalized cherry blossom favors along with their chocolate and pink linens. Their wedding cake did not feature cherry blossoms, but I have seen a number of beautifully decorated Cherry Blossom Cakes online.

If your wedding ceremony or reception will be held outdoors, think of offering your guests personalized water bottles or cherry blossom hand fans to keep them cool.  To create a fragrant atmosphere at your indoor event, spray a cherry blossom scent, set out aromatic oils or light scented candles at each reception table.  Sprinkle silk cherry blossoms throughout your banquet tables or fill a wicker basket with live cherry blossoms (if they are available).  For memorable wedding photos, order a custom background screen that replicates a field of cherry blossoms.  With the proper lighting and a great photographer, you will have photos that look as if you were married in the center of Washington DC's cherry blossom garden!


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      Cute ideas. I've never been to a cherry blossom wedding but I think it'd be beautiful!

    • profile image

      Chinese Wedding Invitations 

      8 years ago

      Cherry blossom is one of the most frequently used flowers in Chinese wedding. I prefer dark pink one. Hehe!

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 

      8 years ago

      What a great idea for a springtime wedding!


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