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Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy from Abroad

Updated on February 7, 2013

Love Romance, Cuisine & Beauty? Plan Your Destination Wedding in Italy

A Gondola on Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
A Gondola on Grand Canal, Venice, Italy | Source

Destination Wedding Packages

A destination wedding is a complete wedding package, with activities for guests, state of the art facilities and cuisine. Couples can choose destination wedding packages by location, type of activities or interest. Many couples include a destination’s culture, history, cuisine and shopping as a part of the total wedding package.

If you are planning a wedding abroad and seek the ultimate in beauty, romance and breathtaking landscape, nothing beats Italy.

Voglio stare con te per sempre!
I want to be with you forever.
Ti amo!
I love you!
Sei bella
You are beautiful!
The Translation provided by Ruggero Mancini

Nothing says beautiful love like Italy!

Voglio stare con te per sempre!

Ti amo!

Sei bella

Sei l’amore della mia vita.

Placed next to its English equivalent it pales in comparison, no wonder so many people consider Italy the destination of choice for destination weddings.

View an Italian Destination Wedding

Highly recommended

Italy Is For Lovers

Looking for romance… travel to Italy!

Falling in love…travel to Italy!

Sealing your love with marriage…travel to Italy!

Italy is known for its beautiful countryside, warm culture, fine food and amazing museums.

Italy is beautiful!

Must Haves for the Picture Perfect Wedding in Italy

Here are a few tips to help you on your journey to wedded bliss: Destination Italy.

  1. Have Your Money Right – Know Your Budget Before you embark on any journey – know how much money you have to spend. Will your money come from savings, going into debt, borrowing from friends or as a gift from loved ones?
  2. Have a good idea of "who's invited and who's likely to come" to your wedding in Italy?
    Your guest list will guide your planning. You can negotiate special rates and get deals by knowing approximately how many guest will be attending. Most destination weddings are small with less than 50 people. If yours will be larger make sure it’s in line with your budget. Traveling out of the country is not cheap. Keep in mind that your guests will need passports if they don't have them, they may need to take off from work and make arrangement with housekeepers or babysitters. Plan your destination wedding early and more guests will likely come..
  3. Have a hired hand to help you and save yourself some money and frustration. – Many hands make light work. Hire a wedding or event planner based in Italy. Getting your bridesmaids, family or friends to help is highly discouraged when planning a destination wedding; although it's highly encouraged when planning a wedding stateside. A local professional will have access to resources, information and vendors. An event, wedding planner or consultants usually charges by the hour, day or for the duration. Some charge a percentage of your wedding budget. The best rates are usually from start to finish and charged as a percentage of your budget. The key is always to negotiate.
  4. Have a travel agency to facilitate flights, lodging and transportation. Try to find an agency that specializes in weddings. They may be able to book local events, tours and make restaurant reservations for you. They generally charge bookkeeping fees. Do you home work and negotiate the best deal for your budget.
  5. Have a translator at your wedding and on your tours. A translator may actually be required at your wedding if you or your fiance don't speak Italian. They will charge a booking fee.
  6. Have Peace of Mind Protection - that's insurance in layman's terms. Weddings are living and breathing experiences. Like people, they can get hiccups or go bump in the night. Protect yourself and avoid the headache buy wedding insurance to protect you in case of natural disasters, personal illnesses, liability, unscrupulous and/or under-performing vendors and loss or damage to your wedding dress or other valuables.

Best Times to Wed In Italy

If you want a worry-free wedding in Italy wed when the temperatures are mild and rain is rare. The best months for worry free wedding weather are April through June, September and October. See the chart below for reference.

Average Temperatures in Italy

Average High
Average Low
Average Rain
54F / 12C
38F / 3C
4.10 in. / 104.1 mm
55F / 13C
39F / 4C
3.90 in. / 99.1 mm
59F / 15C
42F / 6C
3.40 in. / 86.4 mm
64F / 18C
46F / 8C
3.00 in. / 76.2 mm
72F / 22C
53F / 12C
2.00 in. / 50.8 mm
79F / 26C
60F / 16C
1.30 in. / 33.0 mm
84F / 29C
64F / 18C
1.00 in. / 25.4 mm
85F / 29C
64F / 18C
1.60 in. / 40.6 mm
79F / 26C
59F / 15C
3.20 in. / 81.3 mm
71F / 22C
52F / 11C
5.10 in. / 129.5 mm
62F / 17C
45F / 7C
6.40 in. / 162.6 mm
56F / 13C
41F / 5C
4.80 in. / 121.9 mm
Average temperatures and precipitation in the Amalfi - Sorrento - Cilento area.

Important Documents You Need to Get Married in Italy from Abroad

· Passport or Armed forces Id Cards

· Certified copies of birth captivates

· Proof of divorce or death certificate of former spouses if applicatble

· Declaration worn to by four citizens before an Italian consular officer stating that there are no obstacles to the marriage according to US law

· All documents must be translated into Italian and certified by an Italian consular officer with special “apostille” seals from the Secretary of State from the state where the documents originated.

Need more information to plan your destination wedding in Italy?

Visit the Italian Tourism website or call the Italian Government Tourist Board at 212.245.4822.


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    • livelifeworryfree profile image

      Princess Clark 5 years ago from The DMV

      Thanks LagunaAlkaline this is the one day a bride should be stress free. Thoughtful and careful planning will make it happen. Thanks for your feedback!

    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago from Camas, WA

      Great hub! I like how you laid everything out that you need. I know you have probably saved a lot of brides to be's from going off the wall from stress!

      Voted up and awesome!