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Planning a wedding in Sri Lanka

Updated on September 27, 2011
Let a wedding planner take care of you wedding
Let a wedding planner take care of you wedding

so much to do, so little time

There are so many intricate details involved in a Sri Lankan wedding that it is almost impossible to plan for everything beforehand and the stress of planning a wedding can get to most couples. This is especially true for the bride because it is usually her that does the planning with a little to no input from the groom. But in today's society where both are doing full time jobs it is not easy carefully plan these things so there is an increasing demand for wedding planners in Sri Lanka. One big advantage of hiring a wedding planner is the ability to make use of there experience. A good wedding planner listens to the couples wishes and only make slight adjustments to make it more perfect. It could be a simple things like choosing a dress color to or something a bit more challenging like finalizing the menu, a good wedding planner takes care of them all.

Hiring a wedding planner, is it worth it

Wedding planner doesn't come cheap and hiring a one with a good reputation can be beyond most people. But there are plenty of good wedding planners around who offer there services for a reasonable amount. Best thing to do is to trying to find one through one of your friends or contacts, which will help in cutting down the cost, if not you can search in a wedding directory like Sri Weddings in Sri Lanka. One thing you need to look for in a wedding planner is does he or she offer suggestions for improvement and beneficial advise. You don't want someone who say yes to everything you want, on the other hand you don't want someone who counters everything you ask for as well, as most things in life finding the balance is the hard part.

Let them do there job

If you decide to hire a wedding planner then you have to let them do there job, this doesn't mean listening and doing everything they say, but it is more like listening to there advise. They have done these things many times and have years of experience planning weddings. The know about flower arrangements, matching colors, how to highlight the bride and the groom etc. If you are not prepared to make use of this experience there is no point in hiring a wedding planner. Be flexible and build a good repertoire with your wedding planner and you will find the big day much less frustrating.

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    • profile image

      Lanka Help Magazine 7 years ago

      I strongly agree with the point that hiring a wedding planner will be of great advantage. This is specially applied for those people who go to Sri Lanka for the wedding. When I got married I was working in Sri Lanka and my wife and family was in USA. They came to Sri lanka one month prior to the wedding and I had to arranged all the necessary stuff and bookings by myself. Oh was not easy even though I was working in Colombo with all the facilities being nearby.

      I had to prepare myself for more than one year collecting all the information. I did not miss a single wedding exhibition and collected all the promotional leaflets.

      So when you are planning a wedding in Sri Lanka from overseas the best would be to get the help from a wedding planner. They will save you some money as when you go and do the booking there are many issues.