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Maid of Honor - Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

Updated on February 21, 2018
Madison Resare profile image

Madison is a stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer. She received her B.A. in English from BYU-Idaho and she enjoys crafting and baking.

Best Friends
Best Friends | Source

Congratulations Miss Maid of Honor

If you have been asked to be a Maid of Honor, or MOH, then congratulations are in order. This is a huge honor and responsibility your bride/best friend has placed on you and that means you have a little bit of time to celebrate and enjoy it before you have to dive head first into the many duties your job requires. One of the biggest duties you have is to plan and execute a wonderful bridal shower. Are you ready to plan the perfect bridal shower? Let’s get started.

MOH Honor
MOH Honor | Source

Tips for Creating a Fantastic Bridal Shower

The following 8 tips will help you to plan out every step of your bride’s bridal shower so that you are confident and ready for anything:

Step-by-Step Bridal Shower Guide

  1. Timeline/Plan Ahead
  2. Invitations/Style
  3. Number of Guests/Venue
  4. Delegating to the Bridesmaids
  5. Decorations
  6. Food
  7. Games/Prizes
  8. Presents

Schedule and Plan Ahead
Schedule and Plan Ahead | Source

1. Timeline/Plan Ahead

Now that you have been asked to be the MOH it will be a good idea to write out a timeline of everything that will be happening in relation to the wedding, what your duties will be for each event and the things you need to make/buy for each event. Planning ahead is the best way to not lose your head over all the little details. For a bridal shower some of the things you will need to know and or talk about with your bride include; wedding style, invitations, # of guests, venue, decorations, food, games, Thank You gifts, as well as who the other bridesmaids are going to be. You don’t have to know all the answers or have everything on this list filled out right away but having the list to fill in as you go will be extremely helpful.

Invitations | Source

2. Invitations/Style

Are you in charge of the invitations for the bridal shower? If you are a capable designer than this shouldn’t be too hard for you, but if you have little to no design experience you may want to get some help or delegate this task to a bridesmaid who knows a little more about design. You can have the invitations easily designed on different free programs but you will need to do a little research first. Also, before you actually make and print the invitations you will want to make sure you know what colors your bride is using and the style of wedding she is going for. Does she want classy? Edgy? Elegant? Once you know you will have a better idea of how to design the invitations.

What is Your Favorite Wedding Style?

See results

3. Number of Guests/Venue

You probably will not know the exact number of guests you are going to have until the invitations are sent and the RSVP’s start coming in. Of course it is not as common for people to respond to RSVP’s anymore which means getting an exact number could be pretty much impossible. A good rule of thumb is to assume half the number of invites you send out will actually attend. So if you send 60 invitations you can expect a large amount around 30 in attendance; sending out 30 you will get around 15 etc. The next piece of information you want to decide on is where the bridal shower is going to be held. Normally the shower is held in the home of one of the hosts. If you do not have a big enough space you could think about renting a bigger venue.

NOTE: Make sure you decide on a venue before you send out the invitations, you will have to guess on the number of people who will be in attendance at that time anyway.

MOH Helping her Bride
MOH Helping her Bride | Source

4. Delegating to the Bridesmaids

Do not try to be super MOH and do everything yourself, you will wear yourself out, stress yourself out, and in that condition you probably won’t be much help to your bride. Before you get too overwhelmed or stressed take the time to delegate tasks to some of the bridesmaids; that is what they are there for after all. You don't have to do everything on your own, you have a built in support team called the bridal party.

Below is a table showing the division of tasks for a successful bridal shower.

Example of Delegated Duties

In Charge of
Bridesmaid 1
Question Game
Veggie plate, drinks
Bridesmaid 2
Toilet paper dress game
Bridesmaid 3
Prizes/Drawing game
Chips, Pretzels, Cookies
Bridesmaid 4
Eating Supplies (Cups, Plates, Plastic utensils,
Fruit plate
MOH (You)
Everyone, decorations,invitations, Thank You gifts
Main Dish (sandwiches), paper, pencils, extra food
Delegating Duties for a Bridal Shower


Click thumbnail to view full-size
Table DecorationsHomemade decor, pictures of the happy couple mod podged onto the first letter of their last name.Pictures frames from dollar storeDecoration PrepMason jars, tablecloth, flowers, etc. Clothespin bride and groom, flower balls
Table Decorations
Table Decorations | Source
Homemade decor, pictures of the happy couple mod podged onto the first letter of their last name.
Homemade decor, pictures of the happy couple mod podged onto the first letter of their last name. | Source
Pictures frames from dollar store
Pictures frames from dollar store | Source
Decoration Prep
Decoration Prep | Source
Mason jars, tablecloth, flowers, etc.
Mason jars, tablecloth, flowers, etc. | Source
Clothespin bride and groom, flower balls
Clothespin bride and groom, flower balls | Source

5. Decorations

The pictures provided above are the decorations I used for my best friend’s bridal shower. I was her MOH and I must say that decorating for her bridal shower was my absolute favorite parts of the whole experience. She wanted a bit of a rustic but elegant look using mason jars and burlap as well as the colors pink, white, and tan. Here is how I made some of the decorations:

  • I bought a couple of mason jars from the dollar store, wrapped a strap of burlap then white lace around the jar and tied them both to the jar with twine. I bought the burlap, lace, and twine at a local craft store.

  • The picture frames were from the dollar store, I painted the silver edges with some black to make them look a little more old fashioned, and I printed the black and white photos with my at-home printer with regular paper.

  • The flower balls were made with Styrofoam balls, pink paper, a pink marker, scissors, and pearl studded needles. I drew a small flower on the pink paper, cut it out and used it as a stencil for the rest. It took a long time to cut each flower and would have been easier with a paper punch but I didn’t want to pay for one. I connected each flower to the Styrofoam balls using the pearl studded needles.

  • The flowers we put in the mason jars were found at a local craft store.

  • We also found strands of plastic pearls at the dollar store for decorations and for all the guests to wear.

  • We also used a bag of tan clothespins to throw around the tables as a little more of a decoration.

Great Stores for Decorations

  • Local Dollar Store (Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc.)
  • Walmart
  • Hobby Lobby (or other local craft store)

6. Food

Luckily I did not have to do all the food on my own when I threw my best friends’ bridal shower. I delegated to the other bridesmaids and it all worked out great. Here is a list of the foods/drinks we had for the shower:

  • Chicken salad sandwiches (rolls instead of bread)
  • Fruit plate
  • Veggie plate
  • Chips/pretzels/candy
  • Cake
  • Punch (I used the punch bowl I got for my wedding and I decorated it for the shower with some burlap and a flower.)

For a more classy/elegant look try to use actual platters/bowls instead of plastic; also, buy plastic ware in the bride’s wedding colors.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cake by Mackenzie HewerdineCake by Mackenzie HewerdineCake by Mackenzie HewerdineCake by Mackenzie Hewerdine
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine | Source
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine | Source
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine | Source
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine
Cake by Mackenzie Hewerdine | Source

7. Games/Prizes

A bridal shower without games/prizes is just a little get-together with food and presents. Here are a few game ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Bubble Gum Questions
    Before the shower make a list of questions about the groom like: who is your favorite super hero? What is your favorite food? What is the first thing you noticed about the bride? Etc. For every question the bride gets wrong she has to eat a piece of double bubble gum. This is a fun game to see how well the bride knows her groom.
  • Write the Vows
    This is a great game for when everyone is sitting down and eating. Simply pass a piece of paper around and have each guest write out a line of a vow to the groom and fold the paper over so the next guest can’t see what the last one wrote. Once everyone has contributed a line you can have the bride read her vows out loud.
  • Drawing
    You can have some kind of a drawing using numbers on the bottoms of your guests’ plates. Be sure to have some door prizes for the winners of the drawing and for the other games with winners.
  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses
    The video to the right shows how to create different kinds of toilet paper wedding dresses. Divide your guests into a few groups and have your bride choose the best toilet paper wedding gown.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

8. Presents/Thank You gifts

The last thing you will usually do at the bridal shower is have your bride open her presents. Be sure you also provide some kind of a Thank You gift for all the guests in attendance.

© 2014 Maddi


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