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Plenty women, VERY few marriageable ones; ARE you marriageable?

Updated on February 6, 2011
One love
One love

The WORD ``Relationship has thrown heart-wreck into many women’s love life``. RELATIONSHIP  means  the way two people, groups or countries behave towards each other or deal with each other. Many women have  struggled to decode what is in the heart of man the moment they are into relationship(or on the verge of being into one)without success.

Many times, I really wonder just how many women are really able to understand what exactly it is that men want in a relationship. To be frank, I don’t really blame them for their predicament,although it is a globally accepted fact that women are the more fragile and complicated of the two genders; the moment you throw in the word ‘relationship’, suddenly the entire scene changes, and it’s the men who instantly turn into paranoid ONES.

      It’s not that, men are phobic when it comes to commitment, or for that matter, marriage, NO.  It’s just that when it comes to serious relationships, they do express reservations which ideally, they should share with their who-to-be partners, and make things all that more easier.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all that regularly, and that is only because most men do not take communication serious! So many a time, women end up perceiving expressions, actions or feelings differently  or negatively .

All these multitude of women, why are they not getting married? That is the big question. Let’s look at this burning issue critically by narrating an incidence that happened to my neighborhood recently.

Infact, this write up came up as a result of what happened in my neighbourhood.A family of five ladies, all graduates, well to do, and  is ONLY one that is attracting men. As of the time of writing this article, seven suitors are on their kneel soliciting for this lady’s hand in marriage while the rest ones have attracted none, and this lady that suitors are swarming for happens to be the youngest among them. You and I know the restiveness this can cause in a family.  

It’s not a secret that men categorize women into two types – the ladies they catch fun with and no strings attached, and the ladies they marry.

The trick is to determine whether your guy is thinking of you as a long-term  investment or a ‘good for now’ lady, and to become the one he’ll want to keep forever.

So, what’s the difference between the casual  lady and the one, all men want to marry?

There are certain traits that women  display; men pick up on subtle unspoken signals from the very first time they meet you.

Believe it or not, men instantly identify the value of the woman and place her in the appropriate category.

If you think that what you’ve heard before about playing hard to get, about not kissing and not sleeping with a man too soon, and being aloof and artificially unavailable will get you a ring on your finger you can be farther from the truth! Now ask yourself, is that the qualities of a virtuous woman?

In fact, men don’t like women who play hard to get and will often stop pursuing a woman because they read her games as lack of interest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that, you should throw yourself to him;NO,don’t do that.

What men want in a girlfriend, is usually a pretty damsel who looks hot and is a whole lot of fun. They desire someone they can be comfortable with and comfortable around. They want someone who’s adventurous, maybe even a holiday type, someone whose idea of fun can be something very wild. They prefer to have a lady who is not bogged down with the realities and pressures of everyday life. They want someone who likes to party, hang out and in general, live life in a carefree manner without worrying too much about the future.

But on the other hand, what men want in marriage is completely different.

Once a man is  committed, what he seeks in his partner undergoes a sea of change. Also, from here onwards, the gap between ‘want’ and ‘need’ only widens, and there can be several instances when what men want in a relationship is not always what men need (at that particular point of time, that is).

What men need in a marriage (or a committed relationship) is someone who will love them in spite of the crazy beings that they are. What a man needs in a wife is a woman who cleverly understands the words that her husband doesn’t say, rather than those which he does. Every man needs a godly woman(who has the fear of God) . What a man needs in a wife, is a woman who, despite not having any affection for the man’s hobby whatsoever, enthusiastically cheers him on . A woman who shares a vision with him and contribute to that vision.

Now, what men want in a relationship. Many a time, what a man wants in a relationship, is to feel like the knight in shining armour; the typical masculine macho male who is strong, mighty, and protective of his partner. However, what a man wants in a relationship, is a partner who is not meek and is not afraid to stand up and take over the reins when her man is low on morale, self- belief or plain confidence. What a man wants in a life partner is a woman who, in times of need, can boost his confidence, his self esteem and can make him feel good about himself. What a man wants is for his woman to love him from the bottom of her heart, and stand by him through thick and thin.

What I can say from this narration is that, a man’s want can be driven by selfishness; much is expected from women if the relationship is to last still death does the separation.

How do we solve this problem of having so many women who are not marriageable materials.

  A sugar daddy that was going after teenage girls was asked  a question one day; will you like other men of your age to go after your daughters. He answered; his daughters are not meant for such men because they are well trained.

We all like to watch the display of a mad man in a market square but nobody wants such person to come from his lineage.

 Ladies, wake up, you can’t afford to be losing your crown God as bestowed upon you, your value system must change for better.


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    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

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    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

      Visit my blog for more useful tips:

    • 123chri123 profile image

      123chri123 2 years ago

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    • ubalildon profile image

      ubalildon 6 years ago

      nice hub..what a question

    • gramarye profile image

      gramarye 6 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

      Hi, Glad you became my fan, I will watch your writing now as you have some good ideas.

    • Aisha Maragarette profile image

      Aisha Maragarette 6 years ago

      I'm happy married my Husband is older 5 years from me , when we decide to get married I never ask any fancy things & fancy Wedding I just told him that if you Love me , you can take care our own future family then I cant ask anything anymore.

      As my belief if your seriously in relationship you dont have to make the man you love like a sugar daddy, to ask anything.Love is more important no more no less.