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PlentyofFish - Plentyoffishes for Online Dating

Updated on May 11, 2011

PlentyofFish Login

In this hub I decided I had to dedicate it to PlentyofFish because anybody who is single has surely heard of this free dating website. I have noticed a few half hearted articles which talk about how good it is for finding your perfect match but that was by a older person and I thought it was time to give a young persons perspective on the buzz it is causing.

Plenty of Fish Dating site was created by Markus Frind and has all of the features of your subscription dating websites except it is totally free to message other users, receive messages and view who has visited your profile! His motto being 'we don't charge people for finding love like the corporate giants', or at least thats what I remember reading on the site at one time.

What I hear you saying is 'Hang on whats the catch'(pun intended) Well, he does make money but not by charging his users, Plenty of instead generates revenue because it displays advertisements from Google Adsense and other affiliates and Frind is an icon for any ethical online publisher.

Until early December this year it was free to view whether your emails had been read, unread, read & deleted or unread & deleted. Recently the Plenty of Fish site has started charging a small fee to gain Goldfish credits, credits will display these message details but I for one am not bothered and others did get disheartened when seeing their messages were deleted anyway.

Photo courtesy of al-fassam

PlentyofFish free dating

I myself have been a member of PlentyofFish for a year and a half now, I believe it has been a worthwhile investment to create a profile which only took ten minutes. Although I may not have met the perfect match I have experienced relationships I might never have had if I didn't sign up, I met one girlfriend who I enjoyed outings, holidays and shopping trips with and have met plentyoffishs on dates which allowed me to get myself out there!

Most of my friends have signed up and we have humorous nicknames for the site such as the 'Fishnet', 'The Fish' and 'POF', but other people have made fun because they haven't met anyone yet and describe it as 'PlentyofFreaks'. I think it is unfair to put this great free service down because I am sure it has made a lot of people happy without charging a fortune like sites such as, and Eharmony. Sure there are a lot of girls who I don't want to date on there because they have issues but I have met nice people on there in the past and I know I will meet the right one eventually and 'Plenty O Fish' gives me an extra option when it comes to looking.

Photo courtesy of jelene


When it comes to dating of fish you might have to work hard because people in generally can be extremely fussy, especially girls since they are in popular demand by the weakened men of todays society. However, you don't have to settle for second best, just wait and you will receive a response or message from someone you like the sound of, just be careful not to get fooled by edited photographs or someone who seems extremely clingy, put the pieces together because there could be a reason why they are single.

Photos courtesy of Johnathon Campbell


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