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The Enduring Friend

Updated on November 8, 2014

The enduring friend weathers the storms of time; after the snow melts they are still there.

The enduring friend is always there; you do not have to wonder if they will be there when you need them the most.

The enduring friend will stop you before you go over the cliff, not allowing you to go over the cliff and then, pick up the pieces after you fall.

The enduring friend has a policy of honesty regardless how difficult that policy is to keep. No matter how upset you get with them, your feeling will not break their policy of honesty, especially when it is in your best interest.

The enduring friends is not swishy washy, they are like a huge stones, solid, stable and unchangeable.

The enduring friend allows you to wet their garment with your salty tears, even if your tears ruin their garment.

The enduring friend keeps your secrets only if the secret will not harm you in the future.

The enduring friend is enduring because of the history you both have together. Hold on to them and cherish them and treasure them like gold, because an enduring friend is very hard to find.

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